3S Automobile Dealership Management Software


Technical overview:

  • Our application is a web based system written in object oriented (OO) PHP programming language.
  • It’s a platform independent application and can be run on Windows/Linux with an apache webserver, php and mysql.
  • It is sealed to avoid XSS attacks via JS db injection.
  • It fully supports Ajax implementation. No reload of pages when updating forms.
  • It is equipped with advanced pdf engine included. Full support for Unicode and right-to-left (utf8bidi).
  • Accelerator keys are supported in all menus. Arrow navigations links are given in top menus.
  • Support for default buttons with ctrl-enter/escape short keys for saving records.
  • Sort able database paging grids in dashboards to support large records sorting.
  • Document files in doc subdirectory
  • An inactive field is included in most ‘setup’ tables to prepare for making records inactive.
  • Graphic links and icons are used instead of conventional text links in tables.
  • Audit trail for all operations with report.

Key Benefits:

    • Powerful and simple to use.
    • Includes every aspect of Booking and Customer Account.
    • Single point access to client account.
    • Intuitive Inquiry Management System
    • Web Based Software, compatible with all latest Browsers.
    • Low Recurring Cost.
    • Less Degree of Support required.
    • Permission Based Access.
    • Faster Sales and Account Handling process.
    • Store Data in your Hosted Server.
    • Extensive Reports
    • Daily Backups.
    • 24/7 online access.

Basic Perquisites:

  • Server Machine with Windows O/S Win-XP and upper version,  to run software on Local host.  Server Configuration 16GB RAM, 200+ GB Hard drive
  • Development Tools :  MySQL database version =4.1  & PHP version =4.3.3
  • Http web server type = Apache
  • Web Server system = Linux
  • Client Browser type = Mozilla/5.0 Firefox/12.0 Chrome


Sales module comprises of following features


  • Form for configuring vehicle master file
  • Vehicle group file setup form
  • Color setup form
  • Tracker companies setup form


  • Booking form
  • Receipt of payment
  • Order form
  • Vehicle receiving form
  • Vehicle papers
  • Warranty coupons
  • Sales
  • Commission Entry
  • Delivery order
  • Change order no
  • Statement of sales


  • Paper / Coupons list
  • List of Booking
  • Salesman commission report
  • Stock report
  • Order detail report
  • Salesman competition report
  • Order view report
  • Sales reg. paper report
  • Registration Papers
  • Dispatched report
  • Balance outstanding report
  • Daily collection report
  • Advance report
  • Order report
  • Customer booking report

Customer Relationship management


  • Vehicle files
  • Vehicle group file
  • Vehicle model file
  • Vehicle color file
  • City setup
  • QIC form


  • Congratulations/service/list of call report
  • Claim report
  • Sales report
  • Customer history
  • Launching message
  • Daily service visit report
  • Daily vehicle service report
  • Customer data management


Master Setups

  • Vehicle category setup
  • Vehicle setup
  • Advisor/technical setup
  • Jobs category setup
  • Part setup
  • Parts rate setup
  • Requisition slip
  • Insurance co. file
  • Surveyors file
  • Job type file
  • Job inspection file


  • Parts purchases
  • Part purchase return
  • Paint purchase
  • Paint purchase return


  • Parts sales
  • Part sales return
  • Paint sales
  • Paint sales return


  • Parts issue file
  • Parts consumption
  • Paint issue file
  • Part query
  • Verify product balance

Job Control

    • Repair order
    • Repair order manual
    • Depreciation bill
    • Estimate
    • Invoice
    • Gate pass
    • Performa invoice


  • History parts issue file
  • History store issue file
  • History Labor/sublet file
  • History Job Card
  • Monthly report
  • Monthly service report


  • Invoice report
  • Customer contact report
  • List of pending job cards
  • Discount report
  • Discrepancy report
  • Job wise P&L report
  • Credit limit report
  • Job wise report
  • Invoice report
  • Parts issue report
  • Sales tax report
  • Parts P&L statement
  • Date reconciliation report
  • Parts consumption report
  • Job type wise report
  • Invoice printing
  • Daily job card report

Inventory Module


  • Order form
  • Inventory adjustment
  • General average price


  • Inventory valuation
  • Consolidated balance
  • Product ledger
  • Physical count worksheet
  • Parts reorder report
  • Date wise inventory adjustment
  • Parts list
  • Parts group list
  • Sublet rate list
  • Product wise purchase
  • Party wise purchase
  • Date wise purchase
  • Product wise purchase return
  • Party wise purchase return
  • Date wise purchase return
  • Part wise sale report
  • Party wise sale report
  • Date wise sale report
  • Part wise sale return report
  • Party wise sale return report
  • Date wise sale return report


Payroll module is designed to automate the payroll function of the business, it records all the financial records of salaries for an employee payments, wages, advances and deductions. Complete employee information can be stored and automated in few clicks.

Following are the brief features payroll module:
– Daily attendance punch.
– Weekly/fortnight attendance punch.
– Monthly attendance punch.
– Overtime.
– Advances management and approval.
– Duty Hours.
– Leave management and approval.
– Monthly payroll calculation.
– Automatic tax calculation as per slabs.
– Payroll sheets.
– Pay slip
– Withholding tax and salary tax calculator.
– Employee information dashboard.
– Attendance dashboard.
– Leave status dashboard.
– Add Employees.
– Grades
– Designation.
– Departments.

General Ledger Accounting Software Module:

  • Create bank accounts and link with the COA.
  • Payment Voucher.
  • Receipt Voucher.
  • Journal Voucher.
  • Multiple Currencies.
  • Currency rates by date (historical).
  • View Bank dashboards and reports in erp software.
  • Bank accounts reconciliation option in accounting software.
  • Monthly/Weekly Bank reconciliation statements.
  • Unlimited number of accounts.
  • Account classes (Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income, Expenses).
  • Chart of Account grouping for reporting purpose in erp software.
  • Manual journal entry with cost centers entry.
  • Create Monthly Budgeting in erp software.
  • Detailed dashboards and reports.
  • Journal Voucher with edition/view of journal entries.
  • Create customized Voucher Templates in erp software.
  • Balance Sheet.
  • Profit &  Loss.
  • Trial Balance.
  • Bank Reconciliation.