Disadvantages of Tally Accounting Software

Softwares provide us the easiest way to perform work related tasks in an easy way. Earlier, the businesses have to spend different time consuming resources to manage the accounts but now accounting softwares made the job easier to keep large amount of accounts data. Tally accounting software is beneficial for the professional accountants but it has some disadvantages.

Frustated accountant

1. Not user friendly at all, one has know  accounting knowledge in order to use Tally accounting software in Pakistan.

2. There is no major graphical  improvement in old version of Tally. The Indian head office of Tally is continuously launching new version from Tally 4.5 to Tally 9 ERP but the GUI interface is still like old DOS based accounting software.

3. Journal Voucher can not be amended once created.

4. Batch wise invoicing not possible in Tally accounting software.

5. Re-order level of inventory stock can not be maintained in Tally erp  software.

6. Last price inquiries is a complex task in Tally ERP  software.

7. Pricing issues like supplying different customer at multiple price list is quite difficult in Tally accounting software.

8. Cost wise Tally is quite expensive as compare to other alternative accounting software in Pakistan.

9. We can not open two accounting ledgers for viewing at the same time in Tally erp software.

10. It's a Package software not an ERP i.e we have to accept what they are offering and customization is very limited.

11. No web based option available in Tally erp software.

12. If the user password is lost then the data retrieval is very difficult and time consuming.

13. Tally  erp software  is not a Modular application unlink Quickbooks, Peachtree and other accounting software in Pakistan which provides different modules like Accounts payable, accounts receivable, sales and order management etc.

13. Its not real time it can just be used to record detailed accounting debits and credits.

14. There are very limited reporting capabilities in Tally erp software.

15. Tally support system is not very good, there is still room for improvement.

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