Frequently Asked Questions!

When was Hisaab ERP software founded?

Hisaab business accounting software and ERP is managed by DYS Solutions (Pvt). Ltd which is a management consultant and accounting company, founded in 2009 and is offering different on-line and web based business accounting software in Pakistan.

What is Hisaab ERP Software?

Hisaab enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an uninterrupted back to back business accounting software solution that integrates sales, CRM, financial, distribution, manufacturing, and inventory management and payroll capabilities. After business critical functions, it also includes in-depth supply chain management, and enterprise performance management functionality. Hissab.pk provides the preeminent business accounting software in Pakistan to all types of small and medium sized businesses with latest technologies to meet the needs of them. The solutions are designed in a way which ensure or enhance the potential for future growth of a company as well as evoke the customers to shift towards better or more influential Hisaab business solutions.

What are benefits of Hisaab erp software? Why to go for Hisaab erp software?

Hisaab ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a specialized software which provides widespread business accounting software features with finest industry practices and updates about the recent developments in the business industry. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, locating the perfect erp software is a smart move.

What is the difference between Premium and Entprise Version?

Please refer the comparison chart here.

Why to implement a Hisaab ERP software?

Hisaab provides user friendly ERP and business accounting software in Pakistan by choosing entire solution or a specific system according to your existing needs and giving you advantage to join rest of the modules later. Moreover, complete customization is available on Hisaab business accounting and ERP software which very few other standard accounting software in Pakistan offers. As per customer’s value and demand, we tend to provide maximum level solution in order to pursue our mission of developing and maintaining business applications in a professional manner.

What are the core modules in Hisaab business accounting software and ERP?

The core modules of Hisaab business accounting software and ERP are:

– Customer and Sales Module.

– Supplier and Purchase Module.

– Inventory Management.

– General Ledger Accounting, Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable.

– Payroll.

– Manufacturing / Production.

– Dashboard.

– Reporting.

What is the cost of Hisaab ERP and accounting software in Pakistan?

Contact our Sales and Marketing department for erp software cost.

What are the security measures in modules in Hisaab ERP software?

All the security measures have been taken care of in all modules with a specially designed security mechanism. The mechanism helps to prevent all the corporate data from unauthorized access. The levels of security define the limits very well, hence the authorized ones would only do what they are permitted to do

What kind of training do you offer for this accounting software in Pakistan?

We offer on-site and online training conducted by our technical support for Hisaab erp software.

Can I use Hisaab on Linux or Macintosh?

Yes, it’s a platform independent ERP software.

How much accounting do I need to know to operate this accounting software in Pakistan?

We have designed Hisaab ERP to be very user friendly for end users. Accounting knowledge is absolutely not required to operate this software. If you know how to prepare vouchers, cheques, invoices, and filing your bills, you’ll know how to use Hisaab ERP and business accounting software in Pakistan. To facilitate further, we provide easy instruction manual and in a simpler way you can keep it running.

What are the system requirements for Hisaab ERP Software?

High-speed internet connection like DSL or cable modem should be our preference to get your things done quickly.

The system requirements are as follows:
Intel-compatible 450 MHz computer with 128MB RAM

Windows XP or MacOS X

1024×768 screen resolution

Internet connection

For Windows users: Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher is required for printing invoices, checks, and other forms (Adobe Reader is available for free download).

How safe is it to save data on the cloud?

Hisaab business accounting software and ERP software ensures the safety of your data and prefers the technology which online banks and brokerages houses are using while sending your private data over the internet.

How can we maintain official/un-official records (Like Katcha/Pakka Khaata) in Hisaab Business Accounting Software in Pakistan?

Official and Un-official records can be easily maintained in Hisaab business accounting software and ERP by operating multiple databases for both companies, each database will record transactions separately in the erp software.