Accounting & ERP Software In Pakistan

Accounting and ERP software for Plastic Industry

Hisaab.pk serves different industries with its digital one-stop solution. Its industry-specific ERP systems are designed for plastic, chemical, cement, and other sectors. Our accounting software for plastic industry is dedicated to assisting plastic manufacturing from molding to thermoforming. This high-performance business solution makes accounting, finance, customer communication, manufacturing, and order processing easier.

How Accounting Software for a Plastic Company Functions?

Management in the plastic industry is much more complicated due to the tens of projects at hand and high-yielding processing on daily basis. Our ERP is tailored for the plastic industry specifically to meet its requirements. Our software improves work efficiency with the Internet of things, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Here are some of the functioning features mentioned that keep our product unique from others:


Hisaab.pk facilitates the users with an automation feature. Automated invoices, delivery notes, and confirmation receipts are just one click away. Furthermore, order processing, delay in delivery time, and other functioning tools use the business intelligence of ERP and send alerts and notifications.

Quality Control

At hisaab.pk, our ERP is the best quality control manager that understands the issues of the plastic industry. When every customer orders a different product that varies in size and weight, our ERP software is the best one to manage all types of plastic quality. So, you can categorize them separately and can maintain the quality as per the customer’s requirements.

Multi-tool Management

Our Resource allocation tools help the managers to allot resources to different departments without replication. Further, it helps to track sales, compare results, and communicate with customers using different tools. So, hisaab.pk keeps you away from the mess that is created by complicated and multiple tasks.

Track and trace

Our barcoding system of ERP has made the tracking and tracing of the receivable goods and raw materials. ERP software produces unique identification of each order and product. From order placing to order confirmation, and even order dispatching has become easier with our transparent identification system.

Production schedules

Our ERP software for the plastic industry allows managers and responsible personnel to set up schedules. Labour management, work schedules, task allotment, grouping, and time limits can better be planned on our digital platform.

Order management

Hisaab.pk helps you to manage customer orders. With our efficient platform, you can manage different orders and their delivery times. Hisaab.pk differentiate the order of plastic product that vary in weight, size, and cost. So, you can get instant order confirmation receipts.

Sales & Purchase management

Sales and purchase orders need quick processing and in-time responses. Our ERP digital tools can provide you with the best space to manage the sales and purchases department.

Record and store

Our ERP software comes up with specified features to record and store all necessary documentation. All documents relevant to the accounts, finance, transactions, manufacturing process, new molds, and much more can efficiently be secured with our ERP tools.

How does hisaab.pk benefit the plastic industry?

Hisaab.pk understands the issues and requirements of plastic factories. So, its ERP is specified to make processes and systems simpler in complicated sectors. See how it works to facilitate the users:


Our ERP is designed to facilitate the users comfortably. No need to learn to operate. The users can understand the tool management, accounts, and reporting instantly. Drag-down menus make software exploration easier.


Hisaab.pk brings simpler digital solutions. Our ERP integrates with various departments and secures all data in one database. So, it keeps the processes simple and comfortable for the users.

Manages accounts and transactions

Our dedicated team designed the software to operate complex calculations and accounts. It has made the finance and transaction system more transparent and accessible to the responsible personnel.

Dedicated Customer Support

Hisaab.pk ERP software offers an impressive customer care center. Customers can seek help around the clock. So, the users can deal with issues in billing, invoicing, reporting, tool control, and other segments.

Manages workforce

If you are fed up with mistakes in attendance, payment sheets, and labor work, hisaab.pk is here. Our ERP manages all machinery and labor, work allotment, and timings quite efficiently.


Cloud-based ERP software option enhances the mobility of data. The users can get connected with the hisaab.pk cloud software from anywhere.

Secured & Protected

Hisaab.pk ensures the security of the data. The database of software consists of multiple layers of protection.

Why do users prefer hisaab.pk software tailored for the plastic industry?

The plastic industry is ever growing and changing sector. Hisaab.pk team understands the requirements of the plastic sector that is required to excel. So, our ERP software is the best option for the plastic sector. The users can seek help from the built-in help center. Furthermore, the simple and easy-to-use software makes our product popular among users.

Molding, manufacturing, processing, and accounts are better managed with hisaab.pk proud presentation. It distinctively works with its management tools for high-performance business activity. Furthermore, it resists mixing up all orders with different product size, molds, weight, and other requirements.

The ERP software of hisaab.pk understands and assists the managers in invoicing, billing, transactions, human resources, inventory management, and much more. Just get rid of manual documentation and poor quality control. With our ERP software success is not farther than you. Order the competitive ERP software today and solve all issues with our digital intelligence.

To know more about Hisaab ERP for Plastic Industry, contact us here, you can also drop us a mail at sales@dys-solutions.com for free demo and consultation.