Accounting & ERP Software In Pakistan

Accounting Software and ERP for Cement Industry

Hisaab.pk is among the leading ERP software providers in Pakistan. It deals with specific industry-based digital solutions in chemical, cement, plastic, and many other sectors. We offer a dynamic digital solution to Pakistan’s cement industry. Accounting software for cement trading and management is a key element to keep all operations aligned. We dedicatedly focus on order management, inventory details, raw material management, payrolls, human resource management, and several other operations in compliance. Hisaab.pk has revolutionized the cement industry with its one-click digital operations. Here are some of our services and features mentioned that can help you understand who we are and how we work:

Accounting software for Cement industry

Our ERP software for cement & iron industry promises faster and more efficient dealing. So, you will find our software perfect for OPC and PPC cement manufacturing, managing raw materials, and evaluating loss/profit. Hisaab.pk knows all requirements of your business. So, you can take advantage of its exclusive features in several sectors:

Human Resource Management

We understand the need for human resources in manufacturing, chemical processing, stock management, and other operations. Luckily, hisaab.pk offers professional digital ERP software that can deal with payrolls and staff attendance. Furthermore, you can track the project allotment and relevant progress on the software. So, dealing with a greater number of laborers, managers, and heads is no more a complicated task. Go on with the Business intelligence of the ERP software and enjoy our high-business performance.


If you have been mixing the financial matters of tens of projects at a time, you need an automated system. Hisaab.pk relaxes you with automation, the internet of things, and machine learning. Our ERP software is tailored to tackle accounting matters and multiple transactions at once that you experience in the cement business regularly.


Now, you can get rid of management complications and take a smart initiative with hisaab.pk. ERP software for cement & iron industry at hisaab.pk can brush up your sales with its intellectual and systematic system.

Inventory Management

You can do next-level management with our intellectual business software. What is available in stock? How many items are out-stock? When should you order chemicals and raw materials to process the cement manufacturing? Moreover, our high-performance digital platform also keeps a record of machinery and other assets at your business location. ERP of hisaab.pk is, undoubtedly, an efficient digital tool to manage all your inventory.


Hisaab.pk keeps you informed about daily business operations, monthly revenues, expenses, profit, and loss. ERP reports are error-free. Our advanced reporting system alerts the personnel to decide on strategic management. Thus, entrepreneurs can keep a strict eye on all segments of the business through continuous evaluations and assessments.

How Accounting software benefits the cement industry?

If you have been searching for accounting software that fulfills the needs of your business setting, you have arrived right. Hisaab. pk is the ideal place that understands the necessities of the cement business. So, our digital platform is better and different in several aspects:

Secured Data

Hisaab. pk brings a scam-free ERP solution. Usually, accounting software is more prone to external threats. But the ERP tailored for the cement industry is one of the most protective and secure platforms. The cloud-based software helps you to access the accounting data 24/7 from any device.

Further, in case of any physical damage to the PC or tablet, you will find all backups from the largest cloud-based database.

Order taking to delivery- a quick process

We have made the cement processing, order-taking, and delivery a quick process. Our Online ERP is an ideal solution to take faster orders. It can boost processing and delivery operations.

Monitor business analytics

Our product helps managers and responsible personnel to evaluate business analytics faster. How many orders are pending? How many are under processing? You can view all details and enhance the efficiency of different projects. Monitor and track all work and change the strategies to improve with hisaab.pk.

Department-wise operations

Our ERP software improves inter-department communication including Finance, HRM, manufacturing department, sales, and purchase departments. Furthermore, when a business operates more than franchises; it can become difficult to compare and track inter-branch data. Our cement industry-based ERP helps users to harmonize all sectors of the industry.

Our integrated ERP software can take hold of the warehouse, cement factory, and other sectors involved in the cement industry. So, go and choose a wiser option with Hisaab.pk ERP.

Why hisaab.pk only?

Everyone tries to observe the market before having any purchases. Why hisaab.pk only? The reason is simple. Our ERP software for cement and iron industry is a unique and different digital platform than competitors. Here are some of the points given that differentiate the digital platform from others.

  • Hisaab.pk values your money and provides premium accounting software at affordable prices.
  • The smart ERP at hisaab.pk understands the requirements of your business. Whether you run a small-scale business or a larger one; you will find the hisaab.pk product is the best one.
  • Quality control is the key to success in the manufacturing industry. So, the specified ERP is the perfect tool to manage quality control and its relevant tasks.
  • Using accounting software of hisaab.pk, your business performance can go higher. It streamlines all operations and improves communication among different sectors of the business.
  • The cloud-based system allows entrepreneurs to access the software whether they are at your business place or not.
  • As cement industry is linked to export and trading. So, you can deal with local and foreign transactions conveniently with an advanced ERP system.
  • From manufacturing to sales and retailers, hisaab.pk will track down all data and helps you keep an eye on errors.
  • Finally, if you need a digital solution for your cement factory, hisaab.pk offers you a smarter platform. You can better manage inventory sales, projects, and human resources using the software data. Our ERP provides you with unbiased and organized data about your business. Further, its user-friendly interface makes it popular among accounting software users. Try it today and start an intellectual business.

To know more about Hisaab ERP for Cement Industry, contact us here, you can also drop us a mail at sales@dys-solutions.com for free demo and consultation.