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Accounting software and ERP for chemical industry

Hisaab.pk is a one-stop digital shop for all types of businesses. The digital platform serves several industry sectors, like the cement industry, construction sector, chemical industry, and plastic factories with its cloud-based ERP software. The manufacturing factories, distributors, retailers, and service providers unlock the modern business intelligence, predictive analysis, online orders, e-commerce, and automation of our ERP software.

Our Accounting software for chemical industry deals from scratch to dispatch. Hisaab.pk is the leading ERP software developer in Pakistan with its protected and secured database. Our services not only include finance and accounting but formula management, inventory, quality control, and much more.

Features of ERP software specified for the chemical sector

The software is designed as per customers’ requirements and needs of the chemical sector. Here are some of the top features listed:

Lot-wise management

Our ERP improves the efficiency of a chemical business with its batch management. If you have been searching for the best digital solution for categorizing expiry dates, quality control, time-efficient projects, and traceability of chemical manufacturing; hisaab. pk is the best platform. Our ERP makes the system automated and places all information in front with just one click.


The chemical engineers can better work with our ERP as it offers end-to-end trackability of raw materials. Purchasing of raw materials, yielding processes, and final manufactured chemical products allow the supervisors to calculate the accurate cost of the given chemical project. Traceability enhances the transparency of each project and chemical production remains safer and more productive.

Formula management system

Our advanced ERP with its lab module allows us to keep all formulations, recipes, and chemical parameters in one place. Furthermore, hisaab.pk is efficient at calculating the estimated cost of newly formulated chemicals based on raw material consumption. Formula management plays a key role in the chemical business and our ERP specified for chemical business can help to track the new formulas, chemicals, and recipes with research and development.

Task execution and workflow management

Hisaab. pk features with manager-friendly menus. Managers and supervisors can operate task execution, task allotment, and labor tracking. ERP users can compare the employees’ work time, breaks, work orders, and labor costs more efficiently.

Manufacturing process

Our advanced ERP makes incorporating manufacturing steps easier. Blending and reaction during manufacturing chemicals may change the Bill of Materials, weight, and cost of raw materials. So, the goal-centric ERP at hisaab.pk calculates all manufacturing parameters, cost, yields, and loss, and brings comparison of different products in handling loss and productive yielding. We serve with distinction by supervising the chemical manufacturing process with end-to-end traceability.

Product Scheduling

A chemical dealer like to minimize the risks in sales and purchases. Our ERP is the best fit to predict accurate demand and supply. Data gathered from the Hisaab.pk software, can improve the ability to streamline all product schedules.

Product calculation

What makes a chemical-sector-specified ERP software different from others? It is the product calculation. cost and estimates on bids may vary from one project to another. Our Erp provides the total cost of the chemical products at one business and helps entrepreneurs to catch up on new projects with accurate product calculation. It undoubtedly reduces the chances of loss and risks.

How our ERP benefits the users?

ERP is the best digital catalog that can categorize all chemical manufacturing and productions with an expiry date, cost, and formulation. Our ERP benefits business owners in several ways

Reduce risks and challenges

Better inventory management and order processing reduces the risk of blunders and potential issues. Thus, entrepreneurs can beat the challenges boldly with our efficient and automated accounting software.

Track the cashflow

Our ERP has made it easier to track your transactions, invoices, and quotes. Consequently, sales, purchases, and other expenses are listed and recorded in one window. Track the cash flow of your business when you want.

Easy access

Cloud-based ERP is ideal for running a chemical factory or any chemical-related business. Access the business data from any device 24/7. ERP is highly compatible to get connected with PC, tablets, and mobile phones.

Quick cost calculation

Many orders on hand can mix up the calculations and the margins of errors get increased. But our accounting software calculates the cost of chemicals and products automatically.

Develops business insight

Reporting and evaluations at the platform of hisaab.pk develops an insight to improve the chemical business. It gives insight to get ready for the next-tax period and other expenses.

How does our Accounting software for chemical company makes difference?

Hisaab.pk team works in distinction and brings industry-specific solutions. Our ERP software for chemical industry understands the chemical business from tip to toe. So, it meets the entrepreneurs’ needs and improves the efficiency of chemical production. With the regular features of inventory management, payrolls, cost accounting, human resources management, project details, analysis, and monitoring, our ERP is ideal to work with Research and development. It can reveal the shelf life of a product, better reformulation with its cost estimation, and recycling processes.

Hisaab.pk is a professional platform that develops and provides ERP software as per industry needs. Do you need to manage sizing scaling, formula calculation, and compliant products? Try our accounting software for chemical industry. Estimate the accurate cost accounting and calculation of the Bill of Material within the compliant code of practice. You can surely improve work efficiency, production, and revenue of the chemical business with hisaab.pk

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