Accounting & ERP Software In Pakistan

Accounting Software and ERP for Construction

Accounting Software and ERP for Construction Business

Hisaab.pk has been providing the ultimate accounting and ERP solutions to multiple industries in Pakistan. With a vision to make IT technology accessible for all businesses, we always come up with the best opportunities for every industry, similarly, we are offering Accounting software for the construction industry. It is an all in one software solution that enables you to manage every project single handedly. 

Ending the struggling practices 

Construction industry is tricky and hectic for the construction planners and managers. Out of everything, it is hard for them to manage everything in time. There are so many operations and actions involved in construction that require professional attention. 

The professionals pay attention to details however, keeping them on record and accessible is pretty difficult. With the help of accounting software for construction it is possible to ease down the process. The software helps to reduce the tensions and come up with accessible solutions. 

Using the smart tools and easy bookkeeping options, one can transform a messy business into a smart one. The construction software for small builders holds a number of impressive tools that eventually increase productivity, reduce the mess, and make practices simpler for the professionals.  

Best accounting software for contractors – how does it make a difference? 

Hisaab.pk understands the pain of construction contractors. That’s why a comprehensive and composite ERP software for the construction industry is the solution. If you wonder how it makes a difference, then here comes the unlimited benefits you can activate. 

It is not just an account or bookkeeping software for your business. In fact, you can manage all your construction resources, capital, operations and more with this flexible and handy software. 

Manage everything in one shot 

The software covers all the operational options related to construction business that lets you manage everything in one shot. From your contractors to labor, material, costing, budget, profit, assets, liabilities and even the project sections, you can record everything. There are sections and options to access all the options and make their best use at the right time. 

You are able to label each section separately so you can access these details whenever you need. The smartest and simplest ways of keeping records, making inventories, generating reports and more are all you need for a relaxed life and business growth. 

Cloud operations enabled 

The accounting software for the construction industry is cloud based and enabled for the cloud syncing. It means, you do not have to rely on the hardware for the system backup. The software always has a cloud backup and lets you access the software records remotely. 

Even if you are not in the office, you can access the portal to check out project details, progress and more. It is all simple and accessible at the same time. There is no need to worry about anything when it comes to making the latest entries, checking the last entries made by your team any more. You can do it all on any digital device. 

Works for all scale projects 

In the construction business, you have projects of different nature. It ranges from the small scale fixes to large construction projects. The construction software free from any glitch is designed to accommodate any scale. No matter if you are working on a simple house or a multiplex, you are able to record everything with the software and make its best usage anytime. It will never make you feel left out at any stage of the project. 

Exclusively designed for industry 

ERP software for construction company is designed according to the industry requirements. You do not have to adjust with different options and categories when you can find all relevant options in the software. It is the best part of the software. 

Moreover, Hisaab.pk offers you the designated customization of the software according to your needs. If you want to have some specifications, we are good to work on them for you. It enables you to process your business operations just the way you want. 

Multiple software integrations

Though ERP software by Hissab.pk is a complete software for construction management, we offer you other software integrations. If you are using some other business management software earlier, we let you integrate their data to our software.

It helps you to merge both data and access them for all good reasons. There is no need to re-enter the data into your new records. Just import it with a few clicks and increase your productivity.

Latest software version 

Hisaab.pk offers you the latest versions of the software with every single update. We are always making our best accounting software for contractors a stand out in the industry. It is the reason we are focused on all the latest updates and add-ons to the software. 

Manage Job Costing

Simplify your accounting by posting expenses for each project.
Our cost centers function enables you to easily view project wise profit and loss and budget analysis, which enables you know where you stand !

User wise rights for bank and cash vouchers

Our state of the art user right management function enables you to assign individual banks and cash accounts to each user, for e.g Mr. Amjad assigned at Location 1 can be assigned access rights to post bank payment/receipt vouchers for UBL and Meezan bank only, he wont be able to see and post in other banks of the company.

User wise chart of account

Same goes for chart of account as well, users can be assigned specific chart of account heads instead of enabling them to view all accounts. For e.g Mr. Saleem assigned at Location 1 can be assigned access to Admin and selling expenses only i.e he will not be able to see and post head of accounts other than “Admin and Selling”.

Document Management

Hisaab ERP can easily manage the documents. User’s assigned at your construction sites can upload the documents (e.g receipts, scanned copies, deposit slips, expense receipts etc) directly with the bank payment or cash payment voucher in the accounting software. Supervisors can later on check the supporting documents and approve accordingly.

Approval of transactions

Each transaction in the accounting software can be subject to approval from the management. At the Head Office supervisor and managers can perform the checking activity and analysis each transaction along with the uploaded supporting document before approving the transaction. The transactions once approved will be posted into the general ledger.

Dashboard analysis

Management can have a birds eye view of the whole operations by the intuitive dashboards with graphical analysis of the business figures, right from their mobile phones.

Hisaab.pk Construction ERP software; key to success 

We are making our Accounting software for construction companies a key to success. The exceptional features make it a perfect fit for your business: 

Regular updates for the latest versions 

24/7 backup support and bug fixing 

Software implementation by the professionals 

Software testing before implementation 

Free trials before making a custom purchase 

Software customization to ensure it fits your business 

Cloud integrations and backup 

Secured servers that ensure information safety 

No bugs, glitches or down time 

Easy to run on any system or network 

Smart installation and easy access for management 

Complete control and quick audit of accounts 

Certified and approved by the professional accounting practices 

Ensuring all the exclusive features of the software, we make sure to keep it the best for your business. By excluding all the bugs, our focus is to make your business grow without barriers and make real progress. 

Get yourself a custom accounting software now! 

Are you convinced of having the Best accounting software for construction business? If yes, then don’t hold yourself back anymore. Hisaab.pk has the best priced, quality, and secured accounting software for your business. It provides you complete coverage and wide range of options in construction software management.

Simplified workflow for your construction business, whether you are in office or on the move !

For free trials and more information reach out today.