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Accounting Software and ERP for Electronic Appliances Shops

Transform the way you do business to make more profit

Managing electronic appliance store is more about the inventory management and dealing with the cohesive jobs. Most of the times you are stuck in between the orders, pricing inquiries, checking on stock, going through the purchase prices and calculating possible discounts. It is all time taking and exhausting as well. However, an ERP software for electronic appliances can make a difference.

Hissab.pk brings you the ease and comfort for doing your business smartly. Our accounting software and ERP solutions helps you to manage everything on the go. With a few clicks you have access to the comfort and easier management of resources. There is no need to struggle with the records, inventories and more.

Why Accounting software for electronic appliances?

Hissab.pk offers you an all rounded accounting software for electronic appliances business. We make sure to keep your business smooth and cover all the pain points you have in business. These hurdlers are making your business slow and difficult at the same time.

Here is why you need to get the software and how it makes a difference to your business:

Quick inventory management

With every sale or stocking you have to manage the inventories and that is hectic and time taking. With the ERP software, you have all the tools in hand. Using a few clicks you can make inventories to a specific product category and section. There is no need to look out for numerous options and exhaust yourself for the simple inventories.

No capital hold backs

Many electronic appliances dealers block their capital just because they do not have the idea about their stocks. With an ERP software for electronic appliances, you can track the stocks easily. From the shelf to storage products, items, quantity, pricing and more, there is everything on the software. Knowing this information, you are able to make a smart move in selling it fast and better. Moreover, it helps in future demand orders.

Easy pricing adjustments

To off load your stock and display the cut prices, you need to know the exact purchase price of the product. Looking into receipts for every product and calculating the possible cut price is a hectic job. However, the accounting software for electronic appliances is your savior. It lets you check the prices from records and come up with the feasible cut price to make minimum profit or no loss from the same product.

Customer engagement and retention made easy

When you are struggling for the customer engagement and retention, you need support. Our ERP software lets you keep the customer record that eventually helps you to engage with new customers along with retaining existing customer. By sending newsletters and more product information using their default details, you can make a visible progress in the process.

It’s simple and easy to get!

We have made the process of getting your business an accounting software simpler than ever. It’s just

Get a trial – claim your free trial to check out how our solutions work for you

Select your plan – select your industry and solution plan from our plans or get a customized plan  

Software customization – we customize software just for your business as per its requirements

Software Implantation – our team process the software training and implementation at your place

Accounting software for electronic appliances makes your business easy!

Hissab.pk is determined to provide ERP and accounting software for every industry. Our intent is to make business easy and profitable for every industry. Our solutions for electronic appliances dealers and distributors are exceptional.

Knowing your industry needs and potential challenges, we are offering limitless benefits and features. These features make software essential for your business and helps you grow well.

Complete product record

With a few taps you can add complete product record in the software. It will make details like product category, buying date, shelf date, pricing, and rest of details in there. You can access these details with one single click.

Effective Barcode tracking

ERP software lets you track all the barcodes and read them with scanners anytime. There is no need to manually check products in system. You can access them with a bar code reader anytime.

Customer records on the go

You can record each transaction with basic customer details. It remains in the record and you have access to check and use it anytime. It makes reaching out your customers anytime soon easier. Moreover, you will get an in-house customer data for marketing plans.

Seamless Order and delivery management

Selling your electronic appliances online is pretty simple now. ERP not only helps you with the in-store sales but online orders, management and delivery.

Smart shift management

Our software helps you to update information at unified platform. it does help you in shift management. All employees are up to date and on portal so you can track their performances, sales and other KPIs. Moreover, each shift member will have access to the unified information.

24/7 cloud backup

No threats to lose your data due to any hardware or software glitch. There is a cloud backup that enables to access data anytime, anywhere easily.

Extensive record review

With our software, you are able to generate reports and evaluations right in time. It lets you to have a heads up with the basic information about your product inventory, sales, stock and more.

Real time updates

Hissab.pk keep updating is accounting software for electronic appliances on regular basis. These updates  

make the software work smoothly and according to business requirements. You will get a complete backup every time.

On-call support

We are not only providing you a software but a complete backup. Our on-call support is right there to get you through any phase or problem you are facing. We ensure you have a comfortable handling with the software after implementation.

It’s time to claim your trial!

Wants to sell more efficiently and manage your business smartly? Get an ERP software for electronic appliances business. It is your gateway to have the smooth operations and an extended helping hand to manage affairs.