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Freight Forwarding and Shipping

hisaa.pk shipping and freight forwarding solution

Hisaab freight forwarding and shipping edition gives power tools for managing operational tasks of freight business. It caters the operational requirements clearing and forwarding agents, freight forwarding business and airline GSA business. From airway bill receipt to issuance it tracks all the inventory movement and shows on dashboards with few clicks. With its user friendly approach hisaab accounting software and ERPÂ for airline GSA is designed with the user handiness in mind, all complex and tedious airway bill sale calculations are done within seconds and its web based interface give additional benefits of mobility, platform independence and data security. No need to buy expensive servers and incur hardware maintenance cost , can be easily run on PC and MAC.

Book Airway bill sales:
– Search Airway Bill (AWB) from the issued list.
– Auto fetching of AWB issue dates, agent name, cargo code and principal.
– Select Origin from/Origin to.
– Select Payment types (like PP, PC CC).
– Select Rate types (Adhoc, SRA, SRS).
– Select Service details (TD FLASH, TD PRO etc).

Enter freight details like:
– Quantity,
– Gross weight per kg,
– Commodity details,
– Chargeable weight per kg,
– Tariff rate,
– Commission,
– WHT,
– Selling rate,
– Selling K.B,
– Due agent,
– ORC,
– Buying rate,
– Buying K.B,
– Multiple third parties charges booking

Enter taxes and surcharges like:
– Security surcharge,
– MCC charges,
– HKG Fuel,
– Airway bill (AWB) Fee,
– Barcode.

Auto calculate and post:
– Buying gross amount,
– Selling gross amount,
– Net amount pay,
– Net amount receive,
– Gross revenue,
– Net revenue

Manage Airway bill (AWB) Inventory of GSA Software:
– Receive airway bills.
– Issue airway bills to agents.
– Withdraw airway bills from agents.
– Return airway bills back to principal.

Receive payments from agents
Agents knocking off.
Agent credit notes.

Agent Setup Forms:
– Add Agents.
– Add agent grouping.
– Add origin/destinations.
– Add rate types.
– Add services.
– Add commodities.
– Add agent areas/locations.
– Add third parties and link with General Ledger.

Freight Forwarding Software Reporting Module:
- Airway bill (AWB ) status dashboard showing received,  issued and withdrawn airway bills.
– Airway bill (AWB) Sales dashboard.
– Agent Balances.
– Agents ageing reports.
– Agent Sale report.
– Airway bill wise Profit and Loss summary.
– Cargo sale report.
– Net agent summarized report.
– Principal ledger balance.
– Airway bill delivery report.
– Airway bill (AWB) inquiry report stating movement analysis.

General Ledger Accounting  Software Module:
– Enter Bank Receipt Voucher(BRV).
– Enter Bank Payment Voucher(BPV).
– Enter Cash Receipt Voucher(CRV).
– Enter Cash Payment Voucher(CPV).
– Enter Bank amount/fund transfer vouchers.
– Enter Journal Voucher (JVs).
– Bank account dashboards analysis and printable PDF reports.
– Bank accounts reconciliation module with PDF  reports.
– Monthly/Weekly Bank reconciliation statements/reports.
– Monthly/Yearly Profit and Loss statement/report.
– Balance sheet report analysis.
– Fiscal years closing on single click.
– Annual month wise analysis report of Balance sheet and Profit and Loss statement.
– Monthly/Yearly Trial balance report.
– Predefined account head types like income, expenses, assets, liabilities, equity etc.
– Chart of Account grouping.
– Multiple level chart of Account
– Detailed dashboards and financial reports.
– Daily list of journal entries posted.
– Audit trail record of every entry posted by users.
– Journal Voucher with edition/view of journal entries.
– Document management feature for attaching supporting document with payment, receipt and journal vouchers.
– Documents can be attached in PDF, JPG and Excel.
– All reports can viewed in Acrobat PDF and exportable to excel.

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