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Accounting software for hotel & Cafe

Hisaab.pk accounting software for hotel & cafes is tailored to fulfill the needs of the hotel and restaurant industry. Besides, finance, accounts, sales, tax, and invoices, our software can get integration with the POS system of any hotel and cafe. Furthermore, our digital tool is a budget-friendly solution to the high food cost and operational expenses. Hotel managers and directors can instantly analyze the money-consuming factors and control them.

Best Accounting software for the Hotel industry

Hisaab.pk develops and provides the best ERP tool for the hotel and restaurant industry. We understand the needs of all sectors of food and hospitality and simulate the processes digitally.

Hotels & Hospitality

Our ERP can lead hospitality services to the next level. Employees of the hotel can check the room availability online. All data is integrated into a single database. Thus, visitors get all information in real-time. Check-in, charges calculation, check-out, and delivery options are just matters of effective planning with our ERP.

Hisaab.pk software allows hotels to keep track of regular guests. Our ERP organizes and saves the guests’ data quite comfortably. You can check the history of the guests with just one click. Moreover, POS-integrated ERP offers multiple payment options to visitors.


Accounting software for hotel & Cafe features with the digital menu. It is time to get rid of the card menus or manual menus. Our ERP can digitalize the food menus. The users of the cafe software can see the availability of beverages, kinds of teas, and coffees in just one click. Furthermore, our ERP has made the online order placement and delivery option quite fast.


Hisaab.pk allows restaurants to manage and control their inventory. Information on under-stocks and overstock food enhances the buying process. Restaurants can manage hundreds of online orders without any hassle. Furthermore, our Erp quickly tracks money-consuming assets and inventories. Thus, this digital tool helps to cut the cost of food and restaurant operations.

How Hisaab.pk ERP serves the hotel industry in distinction?

Our team and developers work with distinction and provide the best digital solution to the hotel industry. Here are some of the best-picked features that can benefit the hotel business impressively:

Personalized Menu items

Our ERP system put the manual menu cards aside. The restaurants can provide a digital system to the order takers and waiters. Furthermore, hisaab.pk software encourages the personalized menu and allows the users to place an order online. Furthermore, management of the hotel can manage online and offline orders with just one click.

Multiple options for payment

Cash payment or face-to-face payment methods are outdated now. Digital transactions are safer than the cash method. So, our ERP software for hotels & cafes accepts all types of payments, via bank, credit and debit card, etc. The wider availability of payment modes provides great convenience to hotel guests.

Kitchen management

The interface of our accounting system is kitchen-friendly. You can register all crockery and kitchen items in the system. Further, enter recipe ingredients, cooking time, preparation time, and customers’ preferences. Better kitchen management surely appeals to hotel visitors.

Advanced business module

We provide an advanced business module for the hotel and hospitality industry. Our ERP tool is efficient enough to deal with multiple transactions in minutes, and manage invoices, and hundreds of order fulfillments fastly. With hisaab.pk software, hotels and restaurants can better schedule, monitor, and process all operations professionally.

Faster monitoring and evaluation

Our digital tool allows the managers to keep a strict eye on the online order booking as well as the offline place. Our accounting software for hotels & cafes is tailored to monitor all restaurant and hotel activities and evaluate them just sitting in front of a PC system.

Quick order availability

We provide an updated system that keeps the menu upgraded. Hotels and managers can get rid of complaints of unavailable food items on the menu. Get digitalized with Hisaab.pk software and improve the order availability and order completion processes.

Automated finance and payroll

Our ERP software for hotel & cafe processes budgeting, invoices, ordering, and sales management. Further, the hotel industry can schedule all employees, billing, and payments in an organized way. Our Erp can get integrated with the POS and the hotels can automate payrolls.

Recipe and Catering management

Hisaab.pk offers the best solution to complex catering challenges. Calculate and keep a record of catering tools. Further, hotels can manage food items and reduce food waste. Our ERP allows the recipes and ingredients to be listed in the system. Thus, the usage remains calculated for every dish and avoids food spoiling and wastage.

Streamline ordering system

We help you streamline tens of orders at the same time. The number of orders may get increased with online ordering and reservations. Our accounting software is efficient enough to tackle all orders and fulfill them on time. Distribution of orders among relevant staff and departments make it quite easy to manage.

Why Hisaab.pk accounting software for hotel & Cafe?

Hisaab.pk is the leading software provider in the industry. Our ERP system is tailored to fulfill the needs of the hotel and restaurant industry. The customization and personalization of the software make it more popular among users. Hisaab.pk software gives you a solid reason to move digitally.

Improved visitors’ experience:

Our hisaab.pk ERP features with advanced management and administration structure. So, the visitors experience an improved environment.

Cloud-based access

The hotel authorities can access the data from anywhere anytime. It is helpful especially when you have more stakeholders. So, our ERP allows you to access hotel and industry finance and accounting matters instantly.

We serve with distinction to small or large-sized cafes, street-side restaurants, and even elite-styled hotels.

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