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Accounting Software For Lawyers

Hisaab.pk offers a digital solution to all types of businesses. Whether it is product manufacturing or professional services, our ERP ensures reliability and better performance. With our ERP designed for legal firms, the users can make better policies and take bold decisions in great favor of the law firms. Our software allows legal firms to take a step forward and get rid of the traditional law-firm system. By investing in our ERP, lawyers and advocates can record confidential data and track the progress of legal cases digitally.

Modules of ERP Software for Lawyers

Hisaab.pk modules of ERP are integrated to deal with law-firms operations comfortably. Our platform understands the needs of the lawyers and provides a digital suite where the whole law firm can best be managed.

Human Resources

Our ERP software for lawyers integrates with the best HR module. It has made human resources management easier and more automated. All employees’ data, profiles, performance, and current status are easy to evaluate with the ERP system. Hisaab.pk also automates the payrolls and improves employee management. 

Digital Bookkeeping

A law firm reports and records hundreds of documents daily. But manual bookkeeping is more prone to subjective mistakes, mishandling of data, wrong documentation, or missed files. Hisaab.pk accounting software ensures efficient bookkeeping with its document management module. The lawyers can smoothly work and record all data in one place. Furthermore, it is quite easier to explore historical data, past cases, and different kinds of documents by logging in to our system. Our Digital bookkeeping allows smooth operations of a law firm without any hassle.  

Finance & Accounting

Our accounting software is efficient to process the financial operations of law firms. Whether it is lawyers’ fees, firms’ taxes, or internal financial matters of the firm; the law firm owners can get a bird’s view with just one click. Hisaab.pk makes your accounts and money more organized and useful. With our accounting software for lawyers, users can avoid mishandling of money, corruption, and hidden charges. Thus, it can lead to enhanced transparency in all transactions and financial processes.

Regulations & Policy Management

Hisaab.pk software suits the requirements of a law firm. Governance and compliance management are the priority of our digital tool. Law firm personnel can get similar information instantly about governance, rules, and regulatory management. Employees can remain updated with our digital solution and adopt the new policies swiftly.

Reporting and Data Analytics

Hisaab.pk ERP integrated with the business management tool. Thus, it delivers actionable judgment leading to improved business analysis. The lawyers can get insight into the organizations’ data and generate exclusive reports to evaluate the current progress of the firm and improve the key metrics of the law business. Real-time data and forecasting features make our accounting software more trending and popular among law firms.  

Legal Management

Our Team has developed the Enterprise law management module to deal with individual cases and contracts. Hisaab. pk software can manage all legal matters and proposals authentically. How many cases are in progress? The allotment of legal projects and the progress of each matter allows the firm owners to monitor the law activities remotely. Further, the current status of legal matters can be checked as closed or continue.

Benefits of Accounting Software for Lawyers

Hisaab.pk allows legal firms to digitalize the system and avoid manual entries and blunders. The lawyers, advocates, and law assistants can better plan and share data and solve legal matters systematically. So, Hisaab.pk keeps the lawyers worry-free about the missing files and data. It saves time and improve the law firm’s performance as a whole.

Secured platform

Our ERP features several layers of security. The users can prevent risks and security breaches with our risk management module. We protect a firm’s data from scams and security lapses. Furthermore, our software features a data recovery system that can back up all data in case of accidents or natural disasters.

Quick monitoring and tracking

Our ERP system allows the advocates to monitor the contracts and current cases. Legal firms often require historical data on different cases. Our system brings all information on past and current cases from its cloud-based database. So, the lawyers can better track the proposals, contracts, and documentation in just one click.

Remote work

Our Cloud-based ERP stores thousands of documents in its database. So, law firm owners can work and monitor legal matters from any device at any time. Whether it is a local legal matter or a foreign one, our digital tool offers great correspondence. Remote access to accounting software for lawyers can lead law firms to work globally.

Improved efficiency

Our ERP modules can boost work efficiency. The advocates can record and deliver more authentic information. Furthermore, the lawyers can work faster on different contracts and proposals with Hisaab.pk Platform. The automation of a law firm improves the communication and independence of employees.

Create Transparency

Every section of the law firm can get clearer assignments and deliver them in-time. Law firm owners can evaluate the individual and group performances, and the progress of each project, and assess the upcoming challenges. Our accounting software enhances transparency in each task and reveals all aspects of a project delicately.

Better Customer Relationship

Our developers keep the client’s relationship at the top. So, our system can systematically help you to collaborate with the clients and deliver them valid proposals. Our reporting and business analytics can help lawyers and clients to reach a better solution.     

Automate All Operations

Hisaab.pk ERP has made documentation and legal case preparation easier and quicker. All employees of the firm can work independently. The law firm owner can monitor all processes in real time. Employees can access required modules of ERP from different devices and generate reports, record data, and manage the firm’s operations systematically.  

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