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Accounting Software for NGO

Hisaab.pk serves the profit and non-profit businesses equally. Our ERP is tailored to suit the needs of smaller and larger Non-profit organizations. The NGOs that lack resources and money can efficiently improve charity work with our ERP software for NGOs. Our digital tool guide the NGOs to manage all operations and financial matters systematically.

Hisaab.pk Accounting Software for NGO

A common misconception about ERP system is that it is only designed for profitable businesses. Hisaab.pk offers platforms for Non-profit organizations where they can flourish systematically. Our accounting software is more than financial software. The users can manage the whole organization with one digital suite.

  • Finance Management

With our ERP, all sections of an organization use the same tool to send and receive transactions. Thus, a one-window operation makes the cost, purchases, and expenses more transparent. Donors can send the money more confidently as it is in safer hands. We prefer the best management for all financial operations. Furthermore, our tool encourages different payment methods. NGOs often receive donations from foreign countries. Our tool facilitates nonprofit businesses to manage multiple currencies from multiple external sources.

  • Volunteer Management

Hisaab.pk accounting software for NGOs allows the management of the tasks of hundreds of volunteers in no time. Managers and administrators can know the allocation of the projects to different volunteers easily. Allotments of different projects to individuals and groups can be recorded and monitored with our digital tool.

  • Donation management

Donation collection and tracking are made easy with the Hisaab.pk. Donation management is often a complex field to track. An NGO with a donation from several sources can improve the tracking of funds with our ERP. Who donated the funds? How and when was the donation received? The users can know the donation details instantly with our accounting system. It makes donation management more transparent and safer.

  • Project Coordination

Our accounting software for NGOs can manage charity projects deliberately. The businesses can improve coordination among different projects and move towards a flourishing workspace.

  • Bookkeeping

Our digital solution resolves the issues of poorly managed records. Sometimes, files and registers may get lost or damaged. Hisaab.pk tool for NGOs keeps all processes on record. Businesses can get updated information with our digital application. Investing in Hisaab.pk software will help you to get rid of the extra personnel for bookkeeping. Rather, our ERP automatically records all data and saves it for the next use.

  • Human Resources

Our ERP software for NGOs allows nonprofit businesses to manage Human resources error-free. Employees’ data, profiles, and workflow need continuous adjustments and monitoring. Our HR module of the software can provide the users with a flexible workspace where it is easier to design training and workshops for the employees, recruit new employees, and track attendance. Further, businesses can get performance-based reports of employees and projects as well. With cloud access, our tool allows the monitoring of routine tasks and volunteers anytime and from any device.

Why should NGOs prefer Hisaab.pk ERP?

Hisaab.pk tools serve in distinction to customers. How does our ERP work beneficially for Non-profit businesses? Our team developed the ERP that suits the needs of non-profit organizations. Here are some of the distinct features listed that make our tool preferable over other digital solutions.

Quick Reporting

Our accounting software for NGOs can provide quick project reporting, finance reports, expense details, and other analyses. Analysis and evaluations play a vital role in the progress of any business. With our ERP, the nonprofit can take valid and quick decisions based on digital reporting.

Improved communication

We work to streamline all processes of an organization. An NGO can communicate within the organization and with the outside world using our accounting software. As our tool is well designed to analyze and report different tasks and outputs, it helps the board of directors to reach an authentic solution. Better communication leads to better strategies for the business.

High productivity

Our ERP software for NGOs ensures high productivity. Businesses can improve their performance on daily basis. Moreover, donations and charity projects can be operated in an organized way to get the best output.

Protected finance

Hisaab.pk offers a platform where nonprofit businesses can deal with all money matters worry-free. When the donation sources are well documented, it is easier to get a money trail for legal or business matters. Our accounting system specifically can record expenses, donations, payrolls, and other accounting tasks efficiently. Furthermore, nonprofit businesses find it more secure to operate the accounting department with one click. Manual accounting or spreadsheets cannot compete with the efficiency of an ERP system tailored for NGOs.

Economical accounting solution

Our ERP software offers a cheaper solution to NGOs. There is no need to hire several employees for administrative and financial management. Once you have invested in our accounting software, you need lesser employees in your organization. Lesser expenses lead to managing the business at a low cost.

Automate the complex processes

Our web-based application provides an impressive workspace for nonprofit businesses. Manual entries are subject to mistakes and blunders. With the hisaab.pk platform, businesses can automate routine work. The salary slips, payrolls, employee data, and project allotments can easily be automated. With our ERP hundreds of volunteers and their task allotments can be managed and monitored without any delay. Just open the application and observe all sections of the business from one window.

Smooth charity work

Our accounting software understands the requirements of a nonprofit business. So, the businesses can complete each project smoothly. Volunteers are more updated about the running tasks and get motivated with accurate assessments.

We provide the best functionalities of HR, payroll, finance, volunteer management, multiple currency acceptance, and several other operations. It is the right time to get rid of desktop-based applications. Hisaab.pk software helps the users to work in real time. Monitor and track online all activities at your workspace. Our team helps nonprofit businesses to overcome limitations and challenges.

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