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ERP software is the future of logistics organizations. With Hisaab.pk, the logistics companies can monitor whole processes from order placement to packaging and delivery. Our ERP software for a logistics company is designed to manage transportation systems, warehouses, material handling, customized packaging, inventory control, and the safety of the goods.

Features of ERP software logistics company

Our ERP software has become popular in the logistics, transportation, and distribution industries. Using our tool, businesses can deal the vehicle maintenance, shipping expenses, transportation process, warehouse management, and much more. Here are the exclusive features that make our product the best one for logistics companies:

Distribution management

Our ERP allows one-window operation for the distribution and transportation of goods. Distribution is one of the main operations linked to the logistics industry. Distribution management can trace the goods from the warehouse to the end customers. Our accounting software for logistics ensures the fastest delivery and tracking in real-time.

Inventory Management

Our ERP tool makes the logistics more organized and centralized. It is quite easier to keep track of in-stock, out-stock, sales, and deliveries. Based on ERP data logistics management can better control inventory and take an immediate decisions for improvement.

Scheduled transportation

Hisaab.pk facilitates the users not only within the organization but work field as well. With our accounting software logistics company, repeated schedules and overlapping routes can be avoided. Real-time navigation of our accounting software can better integrate with the digital schedules for shipping, loading, and unloading the goods.

Financial reporting

Accounting software is common in financial reporting. Our cloud system

makes your financial matters more secure and faster. With hisaab.pk, you can send accurate cost estimates online. Invoices, transactions, daily reports, and expenses are easy to record and evaluate with our advanced ERP software logistics company.

Customer history

Our ERP software creates, records, and stores the customers’ data automatically. Its cloud system can store the data of thousands of customers comfortably. On getting a new order, the managers can know whether this customer has a previous history or not. The record of a customer can easily be viewed with just one click. Our ERP system saves precious time from checking manual records. Check out the status of a customer within no time with our digital platform.

Customized packaging

Keep the packaging option with you. Our ERP will suggest customized or personalized shipping orders. Hisaab.pk intellectually deals with the packaging of shipping orders. Furthermore, the users can get digital designs and suggestions for the packaging. Furthermore, digital tools make the tags and contents more optimized and branded than ever.

Customer support

Hisaab.pk facilitates the users with the best customer care centers. The logistics companies can seek help 24/7 round the clock. Whether the software is creating issues in invoices, reporting, or not showing optimal performance; no worries. Our system is organized and ready to help the logistics users round the clock. Quick responses to queries make our system more favorable to the logistics managers and concerned personnel.

Benefits of Hisaab.pk accounting software for the logistics operations

Hisaab.pk holds numerous benefits for users. Machine learning with real-time streaming makes it a favorite one to track the drivers, vehicles, routes, and shipping destinations.

Better Communication

Hisaab.pk is designed to improve communication among different departments of logistics. Furthermore, ERP reporting and digital systems link the managers, employees, and owners. Logistics, distributors, and transporters can be connected in seconds each other. Our platform is efficient to communicate live with drivers, managers, and station organizers.  

Secured payments

Logistics deals with a greater amount of cash and bank transactions daily. With our ERP, industries need not move with outdated methods of payment. Our platform accepts multiple modes of payment. The consumers can pay for sitting in the home comfort safely. All transactions are secured and recorded on the ERP database. Furthermore, the users can pay via digital coins, debit/credit cards, or bank transactions.

Reduced shipping cost

With hisaab.pk software, users can reduce the shipping cost by up to 20-22%. The fast deliveries lead to lesser transportation and fuel cost. So, our system helps you to increase profitability and reduces expenses. The majority of our customers customize the ERP software as per the requirements of the business.

Warehouse management

Our accounting software logistics company allows us to manage multiple warehouses by location. Enter the location of the warehouse and other details. Thus, you can get the order fulfillment status soon as the specific

order is shipped. Managing multiple warehouses with hundreds of inventories and other details is not tougher now. Hisaab.pk allows ERP users to ship and deliver an order from a certain warehouse conveniently.

Faster order fulfillment

We monetize the logistics organizations with our digital tools. With hisaab.pk users can see the shipment sales and orders in real time. Thus, it enhances the distribution system and allows the fastest order fulfillment.

Improves tracking and traceability

From a warehouse to a shipping destination, our ERP allows the fastest tracking. The customers can trace their order destination in no time. Hisaab.pk uses advanced tools to track inventory and sales. Our ERP uses barcodes, QR codes, and serial numbers to track a certain shipping order.

Logistics industries run multiple complicated operations. Our accounting software simplifies complicated processes and makes trade more dynamic. Now logistics managers can cope with the challenges of poor schedules and route planning with our super-efficient ERP. Our accounting software improves the reporting and forecast predictors and can lead businesses toward the right future goals. Experience our ERP tool and enjoy the great profits and revenues of logistics operations.

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