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Accounting software retail shop

ERP software retail shop

With Hisaab.pk accounting software, retail business can grow to the next level. It automates all modules of business and saves time in manual bookkeeping. We discover the needs of retail businesses and help retailers to reach their full potential. From order management to inventory control, our accounting software retail shops make all the processes easier and quicker.

Insight into our ERP software retail shop

Our ERP software is the ideal one to fulfill the requirements of retail businesses. We serve the retailers in several operations:

Inventory control

Hisaab.pk helps to control the inventory efficiently. The retailers can better level up the stock and fulfill the demands of the customers in time. Our software categorizes different levels of stock and makes the services more defined. Thus, it simplifies inventory management and makes it easier to control.

Automate payrolls

No matter you have a large retail business with tens of employees or a smaller one, our software can integrate with the Point of Sale conveniently. In other cases, it can independently manage employee data and payrolls.

Create Invoices

Our ERP software retail shop can help retailers to create invoices online and send them to the customers instantly. Retail customers can pay comfortably using online invoices. Creating an invoice for any expense or product is a matter of a few seconds only. With online invoices, hisaab.pk has made the payment system faster and helps to improve business performance.

Track the profit and income sources

Retail businesses can easily track all data and progress in real time. Money-consuming resources and passive ways of income can be traced with our dynamic digital accounting tool.


The user-friendly interface makes it the best choice for beginner retailers and professional ones. No need to hire a professional accountant. A fresh accountant can also perform best with our accounting tool for retail business.

Cloud access

The cloud database allows one to access the software from anywhere and anytime. No need to stick with your business PC. The relevant personnel can access the software from any device. It enhances the visibility of the business even when managers are on the go.

Automate workflow

Hisaab.pk allows the customization of workflow. The large database can store receipts, records, and transaction history automatically. It streamlines the retail business and its affiliated operations.

Advantages of ERP software retail shop

Hisaab.pk benefits retail businesses and improves work efficiency. Let us see how:

Customer satisfaction

Hisaab.pk ERP can enhance customers’ experience in the retail business. The more digital a place, the more satisfied a customer is with the performance of the business. Digitalization reduces the chances of errors and makes loyal customers more satisfied.

Accurate reporting and analysis

Sales analytics and daily reporting is the distinctive feature of our ERP. Sales analytics, predictive analysis, and other types of evaluations help retailers to make better strategies. Finally, it leads to better business revenue.

Real-time business monitoring

With our accounting software retail shop, business owners can have a glimpse of all business operations in real time. Real-time business

monitoring leads to better planning. The users can point out the challenges and threats and can better cope with the potential issues.

Updated records

Automation allows updating the records of payments, invoices, and ledgers. No need to make separate registers and files for documentation. As you enter raw data, our ERP will organize and analyze it for valid reporting. Surely, spreadsheets and manual bookkeeping cannot compete with our advanced accounting tool that features auto-entries.

Send accurate cost-estimates

Retail customers often require quotations for potential orders. Our digital platform is efficient enough to estimate accurately. Customers can get an online quotation via SMS or email. Our accounting tool estimates are authentic and there is no difference between cost estimates and actual bills.  

Manages cash flow and bank reconciliation

Our accounting tool can wisely manage and store bank reconciliation. With our product, it is easier to manage and track the cash flow. Manual bookkeeping has become outdated. Our digital tool keeps the mess of receipts and documents away. The users can track all records and transaction history with just one click.

Multiple modes of payment

Retail business deals with a greater amount of money on daily basis. We encourage you to get rid of older methods of payment. Our digital tool accepts payments from different modes. The digital world makes payment and transactions safer and faster than ever. Our accounting software offers different modes of payment to customers. The more convenience you provide to the customers the more business growth can be observed.

Why is Hisaab.pk ERP necessary for a retail business?

Hisaab.pk is the top software provider to the leading industries and businesses. Our ERP tools are specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of retail business. ERP for retail business is necessary in several ways:

Manages human resources

With our accounting tool, retailers can manage the employees’ data, task allotment, and other operations related to human resources. It undoubtedly reduces the workload for employees and improves individual and team performance.

Better customer management

Without proficient accounting tools, Retail businesses can deal with a greater amount of customers daily. Order placement, order fulfillment, and order delivery are simulated fastly with the ERP software for retail shops. The customers can get a better experience in the retail business and recommend others also for your retail business.

User-friendly platform

Hisaab.pk offers a user-friendly forum for the accounting needs of a retail shop. Customers can place an order online easily. Retailers can receive and process orders instantly. The interface of the ERP is easier to operate and understand.

Data integration

Our ERP tool can be integrated with the hardware and software of POS (Point of sale) making the transactions more transparent and authentic.

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