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ERP Software for Importers

We provide the best digital solution to Global traders. Our ERP software for importers is specifically designed to fulfill the needs of the import and export business. Import/export businesses serve several sectors like healthcare, electronics, food, fashion, luxury items, home decoration items, etc. Our ERP software will automate all processes from the order receiving to the destination landing. All sections of the trading business can instantly get connected and share data using our accounting software for importers.

ERP software for global traders and Import/ Export Business

Our ERP software is user-friendly and facilitates importers and exporters to widen trade all over the world. Hisaab.pk tool covers all aspects of the import and export business.

  • Inventory management

With our ERP, users can automate orders, stocks, and equipment. Furthermore, the managers can document the complete inventory. Inventory details are just a click away. So, the users can pre-plan and make better strategies for inventory control.

  • Sales and invoices

Like other accounting software, our system is also efficient in dealing with sales, the number of sold items, the pending items in the stock, etc. The managers can improve sales management with our sales recording tool.  Furthermore, users can create simple and user-friendly invoices.

  • Bank and finance management

Daily ledgers and transactions among different banks are more centralized with the Hisaab.pk ERP. Import and export businesses often deal with more than one bank in different states. Our accounting tool is the central entity to record all financial data in one place. The businesses can operate transactions, receiving, and bills from the one-window operation of our ERP.

  • Lot tracking

Hisaab.pk software records the shipment details. The purchase date, suppliers’ information, shipment load, and landing deadline are accurately documented. Thus, customers can track down the lot or containers easily. So, ERP software for importers has made traceability easier and faster. How does our software help in lot tracking? Well, our system uses internal and external lot numbers to track. Thus, businesses can reach the lots by the expiry date or earlier. Lot numbers also help the users to reach the compliant standards of the FDA and other authorities.

  • Landing cost estimate

Accounting software for importers leaves no space for human errors in the landing cost estimates. Our software calculates all taxes, charges, and costs of the items leading to more authentic and reliable cost estimates. Furthermore, we provide the best services to forecast shipment costs and profitability. So, hisaab.pk allows the global trading business to improve its growth and delivery time.

  • Customer management

Hisaab.pk prefers customer management and deals with customers and other businesses digitally. We provide the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from our accounting tool. The users can communicate with the customers and share tracking data for customer satisfaction. Our digital customer management tool keeps businesses alert about the pending containers, containers on the road, and containers on the destination.

  • Warehouse logistics

Hisaab.pk offers a digital solution for warehouse management, stocks, and freight. How many items are in stock? Purchasing details, customers’ requirements, weight, and shipment cost are well recorded. Further, businesses can control when and how will these items be loaded and landed.

Hisaab.pk software for importers can lead businesses to more success and profitability. Our automated system reduces the risks and challenges. Businesses can dispatch the orders before the expiry date. We provide personalized services. So, businesses can fulfill the unique demands of the customers and reach their targets more confidently.

How does Hisaab.pk ERP software makes difference?

Export and import business manages trade in more than two states. So, manual entries and documentation may get fail to provide the desired output. So, we serve in distinction to the importers and exporters with our ERP system.

Cost reduction

Digitalization of the import business processes sales, purchases, and cost of items faster than ever. With our ERP software for importers, it is easier to control inventory, allocate orders, and track the containers easily. Digital calculations undoubtedly reduce the cost of each item in the container. Furthermore, our digital tool is efficient to calculate the commissions, taxes, and other charges beforehand. Thus, it results in lower costs and high profitability.

Accurate estimates

Our team has resolved the issues of charges and taxes when a container arrived later than its actual deadline. At Hisaab.pk, the users can find the accurate cost estimates of each container and even item. No need to do this process manually. Our software is designed to add freight charges, taxes, purchase costs, duty, supplier costs, and shipment charges per cube or weight. Add all types of costs and taxes in the software and the users will get accurate estimates of the landing cost.

Automate processes

With our accounting software, wholesalers and distributors can trade more confidently. It is easier to see the inventory, track the containers, and have better supply chain management with automation.

Multiple currency support

Our ERP software for importers supports multiple currencies. Importers often face difficulties while switching from one currency to another at the time of the trade. With the hisaab.pk platform, the users can face all currency-based challenges. A currency converter can provide the authentic cost and estimation of each project.

Quick container traceability

Customers and business owners both can have a quick visibility of the lot. With our ERP, users can track shipments faster. If the container is late, our tool will alert s the users over time. Quick traceability enhances the trust of the customers also in the import business.

Enhanced connectivity

We connect different sectors of the business. The businesses can deliver and share operations more authentically. Our ERP can get connected to accounting software, QuickBooks, and several other devices. So, we have made sharing and connectivity easier. Importers and exporters can Communicate more authentic and accurate reports and analyses with the accounting software for importers.

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