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ERP & Accounting Software for the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is an ever-changing and flourishing sector. Hisaab.pk ERP modules are tailored for manufacturing and production. Our ERP for the manufacturing sector efficiently delivers from the conception of the product to the final stage and dispatch of the order. One-window access to production operations makes the manufacturing system more organized and error-free. Our ERP offers a digital solution to the logistics, order placement, planning, production, sales, and purchase operations.  With our accounting software, businesses can switch to next-generation production processes.

Accounting Software for the manufacturing industry serves multiple operations

At Hisaab.pk,  our ERP software serves the manufacturers and production managers in several aspects.

  • Supply Chain Management

The manufacturing process requires complete documentation of the products from the factory to the vendors. Our digital accounting software documents all data and assist the manufacturers with the stored data. Thus, the users can take more reliable and authentic decisions for the business and take new steps more confidently.

  • Warehouse Control


Our ERP software for the manufacturing industry can control the warehouse and its possessions easily. Our digital tool can record all inventory at a warehouse. Sometimes, inventory is purchased based on new projects or the customers’ requirements. So, hisaab.pk keeps the unused inventory or stock from wasting. In some cases, manufacturers have a single asset in stock for production purposes. The ERP system can better guide the inventory managers about the actual stock and the stock required for the future. Even, our ERP intellectually deals with the business processes and alarms when the stock goes under a certain limit. So, managers can get notified beforehand about the declined stock.

  • Quality Control

Hisaab.pk software assures Quality control. The users can get a clear view of the received raw materials, their amount, and the type of quality in string variables. Furthermore, the inspection of the production and final products before dispatch can easily be assessed and recorded. Our digital control manager can fall the products into different statistics like pass, fail, satisfied, rejected, accepted, etc.  Finally, quality assurance leads to efficient manufacturing and satisfactory order delivery.

  • Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is one of the basic modules of the ERP. Our digital solution keeps the employees’ data, personal profiles, and working schedules. Furthermore, it is quite easy to manage payrolls authentically. Human resource management is a complicated process. But Hisaab.pk has made it easier and smoother than ever. The business owners can track the employees’ performance and improvement through the modified HR module of ERP.

  • Production Management

With our ERP software for the manufacturing industry, businesses can overcome repetition, delays, and errors in production management. Accounting software-tailored for the manufacturing process can manage the Bills of Material, routing, order tracking, execution of production, and better material planning. Moreover, our ERP clients can deal with production planning, order capacity, order allocation, and order tracking. Furthermore, the production units can also fulfill the unique demands of the customers with digital control.

  • Finance & Cost

Accounting software for the manufacturing sector manages finance from all departments of the business. Whether a new inventory is required or the equipment needs maintenance, our digital tool will serve the best to manage all economic data. Furthermore, the accounting reports, financial analysis, and periodical evaluations keep the production on top. Furthermore, with Hisaab.pk digital tool, the business process can boost the growth in the finance department. High-quality production leads to more projects and it results in high profitability.

  • Sales and Purchase Management

The record of sales is one of the most precious data of a manufacturing unit. Our cloud-based ERP can keep a record of thousands of sales. You can access the sales and purchase data and make new strategies for the business. Whether new machinery is needed or any stock is missing, just see the record in the system and switch to the right decision.

  • Order management

Hisaab.pk gives perfection to order management. It has made order allocation and order dispatch faster. The businesses can process the orders faster and can understand the capacity of the manufacturing unit. How many orders are under process? How many orders are pending? The users can get all data with just one click.

How does our ERP software for manufacturing industry benefit the users?

A generic ERP may not understand the requirements of manufacturing units. Our production-based accounting software can facilitate users in several aspects.

  • Automate processes

Our ERP designed for the manufacturing sector can automate order management, production, and supply chains. Automation keeps the all processes in

  • One-window access to all operations

The businesses can access all departments’ records and data from one digital tool. So, our ERP keeps things simple among multiple departments and business processes.

  • Cost reduction

Investment in our ERP software can reduce the overall cost. Businesses can have clearer visibility of inventory, order profitability, sales, and purchase processes. ERP system enhances work efficiency and leads to a lesser cost of production.

  • Well-planned production

Our cloud-based ERP helps managers to plan and execute production systematically. The amount of raw material, quality of raw material, cost of production, and production schedules can better be assessed with the manufacturing-specified ERP.

  • Improves communication

Hisaab.pk integrates all manufacturing units and improves communication. Warehouses, production sales, and dispatch offices require continuous communication for smooth deliveries. Our accounting software centralizes all processes and removes barriers among different sectors of manufacturing units.

  • Increased productivity

When all business operations are streamlined, it is easier to get desired output. High work efficiency leads to high production that follows increasing profit. With the hisaab.pk platform the manufacturing business can flourish faster than ever.

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