Accounting & ERP Software In Pakistan

Real Estate Builder Management Software

The Bricks ERP is a Real Estate Builder Management Software and ERP for real estate industry, it consists of both Residential & Commercial Development modules with the following features:-

1. Multiple Towers (Residential & Commercial Module)

2. Master Files of Unit, Floor,Tower, Customer,etc.

3. Specific Options in each module (e.g.,Kitchen & Wardrobe option in Residential


4. Booking Form

5. Different types of payment plans and option of modification therein.

6. Refund

7. Transfer

8. Penalty

9. Extra Charges

10. Registration

11. Cancellation

12. Notices

13. Auto SMS / Emails / Alerts

14. Reporting and Reconciliations: Payment Schedule, Customer Ledger, Unit-wise

Reporting, Allocation Letters, bank wise Reporting, Age Analysis, Variance Analysis etc.

Key Features

Bricks ERP software enables Real Estate Developers to manage and track Sales activities across all categories of there projects e.g Commercial, Residential, Plotting, etc.

– Using single interface you can track minute information of each unit spread across your various Towers.

– You can develop your Unit Inventory with complete flexibility e.g you can decide what are the parameters for each unit of your project. Single click would give you complete information about each unit of the project.

– You can track which unit is Available, Sold, Hold or Due for payment.

– Property Account feature enables you to get complete history of a unit from Unit details, Customer details, Booking details, Payment plans, Other charges, Payments received, Unit documents

– In short from Booking to Possession, this feature would get you all information of customer account in your finger tips.

– Software maintains complete account of Sales made through Sales Persons.

– Payment Reminders to Developer and Customer.

– Software has extensive reporting system related to Properties, Payment Received, Payment Pending, Client Ledger, Installment due etc.

– Software has daily data backup and retrieval system.

Key Benefits:

– Beyond being just Feature Rich, Bricks ERP’s strength lies in its Simplicity and Ease of use thus signifying Faster Deployment and Less Degree of Training and Support required. This translates into faster ROI for Real Estate Developers.

– Powerful and Simple to use.

– Includes every aspect of Booking and Customer Account.

– Single point access to client account.

– Intuitive Inquiry Management System

– Web Based Software, compatible with all latest Browsers.

– Low Recurring Cost.

– Less Degree of Support required.

– Permission Based Access.

– Faster Booking and Account Handling process.

– Payment Receipt Generation.

– Extensive Reports

– Cloud based setup