Changan is making its way to Pak Auto market

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Automobile industry in Pakistan has always been a question for many people. Unfortunately, after so long, Pakistan is hardly able to manufacture cars or assemble them in its own premises. Thankfully, to the leading automobile units in the country owned by leading corporate groups country is able to come up with the spare parts and auto parts production of numerous light and healthy vehicles.

Master Motors is one of the leading automobile companies that are providing Procon, Futon, Fuso and Yuntong the auto parts. Right now, the company is emerging as Master Changan Motors in Pakistan to up bring the automotive industry on a new level.

Changan is china’s largest local automobile brand that has been top rated since last ten consecutive years. Since 2018, the joint venture of both companies made its way to bring Changan in Pakistan as a competitive automobile option for the consumers in there. Focusing on the leading automobile industry, its demand and challenges. The venture seems impressive and appealing.

The latest Changan Alsvin

Currently Master Changan Motors is proud to announce one of the reliable and most wanted sedan vehicles in Pakistan. In competition to other sedan available in the market by leading companies, this one comes up with more features and attractions. Better coverage, protection and overall features that anyone expects in a luxury car are packed in this one model.

It is coming up with the latest automotive technology within customer reach. Consumers do not have to compromise over prices, features and other things in the list. There is a combination of elegance, aggression, luxury, and comfort together. Alsvin is the first car in Pakistan with Euro 5 powerful engine that gives a smooth driving experience.

The company is progressive regarding the new release and hopefully it will make a good move in the market as well. Since the official site is, open for pre-bookings so the people can book their vehicles but without paying any holding amount. The actual price is not out yet but the company promise to make it a real deal and affordable for the users at last.

Making it possible

Master Changan Motors Ltd aims to fill up the automobile industry gap in Pakistan’s landscape. is helping the company to make it possible with the best of dealership management. The 3S Automobile Dealership management software powered by the professionals at is letting the company to make a difference in its progression as a whole.