All in one solution for your business!

ERP software’s growing rapidly in today modern period, people are moving from complex and manual systems to simple and automated systems that could easily align your business data and processes into single platform and for sure user friendly. An integrated system provide an ease to move yourself from hurdles to comfort.

Wire and cables businesses are not regular business they work mostly on bulky orders like resellers a customized ERP Solution helps cable industry to specify their required elements on which they wanted to work on.

Pakistan Cables is a trusted cable manufacturer who distribute their product to suppliers. Our Client Hashmi distributors they distribute their product quantity wise or in Bulky rolls and sell wire & cables as per required quantity. ERP Solution customized their chart of Accounts that shows class of items, that how money spent and received, import all transnational and useful data through csv file. Their required elements that had been implemented according to their business flow or boost their productivity are items & Inventory management, Customer management, and supplier management.


  • Needed quick response from customers :

Wire and cable industries have large product portfolios that usually become complicated and difficult to manage different categories of wires and number of item ready to delivered when and where. An ERP System makes the system stronger from which they can easily navigate the requested item its quantity, category, transactions of every item per unit, Also helps in searching capability especially for required specifications.

  • Expectation of right cable length :

In this scenario supplier or customer need only the ordered quantity and length of cables, actual length matters in cable and wire industry when they are on point of selling their product, cable length must be exact and actual as per demand Cable and wires mostly ship in drums in that cable length should be properly arranged, ERP Handles length properly by given functionalities in the smart integrated system. It helps industry to delivered right product on right time and stock suitably in every drum, sometimes not every drum suits every product you’re wanted to fit in it there must be clean capacity to stock cables, only an ERP system facilitate these types of conditions.

Client Concludes ‘’ system consistently benefits a stable and secure platform which meets all the business requirements ‘’.