Disadvantages of kashoo that nobody wants you to know

SAP is known as one of the most prominent and promising ERP software that helps in account management and is the # 1 ERP and accounting software in Oman. Whenever you are establishing a business, whether small or a major corporation, it is necessary to consider that you will be taking care of accounts. The software selection should be according to the business range and level. Although you can have, a number of advantages there are some disadvantages of SAP that you may miss out on.

SAP is not limited to scale software. It covers all the aspects that are important for a large business organization. While on the other hand for small businesses, the software has some special packages. Therefore, you can have it for your exclusive small business. However, there are certain points that make it a bad choice. These are one of its own core features but it is necessary for you to consider these points if you are looking for accounting software in muscat-Salalah-Kanpur-Sohar-Nizwa-Ibri-Seeb.

Time taking configuration

The software configuration takes a lot of time. If you are using the software on a regular system then it will be too slow to start. The cording and overall construction of the software is exclusive. It contains some heavy codes and technical points that need a better processor. Therefore, either you need to wait for long or you will have to upgrade your system for better performance.

Complex functions

The overall functions of the SAP accounting software are not so easy and quick to understand. Professional level complex software comes up with numerous features. Not all the simple actions are so simple in the software. Therefore, you need to look into the resources and get to know things in depth. If you are not an accounting person then this software may not be helpful for you at all. You need to evaluate what kind of software you can handle. It is not for beginners without any specific training.

Expensive services

The software is good if you are using the software for limited tasks and small-scale operations. When you need to have some advanced settings things will be different and complicated as well. You need to spend more on the software to access some added features. It will definitely cost you on a monthly and annual basis. Therefore, for small or medium-sized businesses it is quite expensive to use all the services offered by SAP accounting.