Medical manufacturers requires to produce number of high quality medical equipment’s and devices using special machines, materials and packaging. They also needed to keep sure the efficient operations running in, just in time delivery operations, low productions, material cost and overhead cost. Manufacturers would need a Modernize system i.e. ERP system that will help them into many productive ways.

  • ERP Automate their manufacturing workflows.
  • Automate Processes
  • Build detailed quotation & cost estimates.
  • Maintain detailed product documentation.
  • Maintain audits of manufacturing processes.
  • Track & maintain employee’s data.
  • Track & maintain products throughout the supply chain.
  • Track warranty details
  • Manage service schedule

Let’s gets a look of the many benefits that 1 #ERP Accounting Software provides to manufacturers in the medical equipment’s.

Transforming to Automation:

The medical equipment industries are constantly changing and evolving into new automated and smarter ways. As new technologies and innovations getting on higher priorities, usually manufacturers in this field must stay up-to-date. This type of  environment demands that these manufacturers have the most advanced and accessible ERP software’s to tackle advance queries in the medical field, forecasting of any issue before they raise up and do audit trails for further future outcomes and red flags .

Client Stories:

SAKUF Group of Companies which was established in 1988 and is currently operating in Pakistan, UAE & UK with following popular Establishments that are:

  • Sakuf Foods
  • Sakuf Travel and Tours (Pvt) Ltd
  • Sakuf Trading
  • Sakuf Rendezvous
  • Sakuf Home ware
  •  Sakuf Welfare

Hurdles with Old Legacy System:

This Company faces many complications in managing their equipment into standardize formats because when you are running a famous business that have bundles of server which contains many useful data and information’s on the other hand inventory and item management their billings shipments and supplier payments sometimes gets hectic to manage on same time so in that case 1 #ERP Accounting software get them out from complications and run their business flows on single phase all-in-one system that manage all of the functions into single platform an integrated software makes their life and business easier manage.  


  • Manufacturing Automations
  • Distribution
  • Data Security by using multiple users and access
  • Employee tanning
  • Material and product Traceability
  • Most important quality and compliance  

Final Insights:

With a 1 #ERP Accounting software, medical equipment manufacturers active in providing operational efficiency, quality controls, manufacturing agility and tighten the leash on production cost and  overhead costs. Our 1 #ERP Accounting Software meets their needs and requirements, helps in the automation of critical work flows and manufacturing processes, and helps them increase their efficiency ,profitability and productivity .