Is QuickBooks an appropriate option for business?

QuickBooks is an accounting software best for small businesses. It helps to keep records and track financial growth. With the help of this software retailers, store owners, and small business owners can manage daily transactions and generate invoices quickly. The time change and manual recording and invoice making are now eliminated from our society. Business owners choose the software to manage finance and accounting transactions, there are multiple available choices are in the market and QuickBooks is an appropriate one for retailers.

Use of QuickBooks

Retailers use this accounting software to manage and record daily tasks including invoices management, generate reports on a daily, monthly as well as annual basis. It will help to keep the financial as well as inventory records for the utility stores and marts as well.

Here are some common uses of QuickBooks that makes it an appropriate choice for business and accounting software in Sri Lanka:

Records sales

Customers are always on top priority; it is key to get success in business. The software will help to record and generate invoices for customers quickly. As well as it will reduce the chance of error or mistakes that build a good relationship with the consumers.

Record expenses

QuickBooks provides an effective solution to keep track of a company’s expenses. You can make the reports regarding the daily expenses, monthly or annually with no time. It provides a solution to have an overview of the expenses and account payable details and helps to meet the deadline on time by paying them.

Get quicks reports

Through QuickBooks, it is easy and time-saving to keep the financial recording and process reports on time. The software will help out to generate cash flow, income statement, balance sheet, and other reports to give a quick insight into the business health and its growth. It will further help in decision-making for future opportunities.

Generate payrolls

With the software, you can manage the employee’s status including absents, late or calculate hours working and compile salaries without any error. It will keep you updated and generate quick payroll invoices after calculating and deducting taxes. You can pay salaries direct to an employee’s accounts, generate cheques, calculate or deduct taxes, etc.

Inventory recording

QuickBooks provides a solution to the retailers to record the inventory level as well as keep check on the level of inventory. Its automatic management system will warn and instruct if the inventory level goes down from the standard level of maintaining stocks.

It can run on both windows and mac operating systems.