Accounting & ERP Software In Pakistan

Premium Accounting Software for Small Business

Hisaab Premium Edition Accounting software version gives you best alternative to Quickbooks, Tally accounting software and Peachtree accounting software. With its modular based approach Hisaab ERP software offers the benefit to go for the complete accounting software or select specific system modules as per your business cycle needs. Further, we also provide an added option of complete customization, an advantage normally not available with most of the standard erp software in Pakistan.

Below listed are the details of features available in Hisaab Premium Edition Accounting Software.

Sales Module:

  • Customer profiles with complete details (NTN, GST, terms, contact details etc).
  • Cash/Credit Invoice.
  • Sales Tax Invoice as per FBR/SRB/PRA format.
  • Sales Return Note/ Sales Credit Note.
  • Sales groups for grouping customer branches in erp software.
  • Witholding taxes management in erp software.
  • Multiple level Sales tax / Provincial taxes (SRB, PRA).
  • Witholding of GST.
  • Region/Zone wise customer management.
  • Group wise customer management in accounting software.
  • Multiple price levels for customers.
  • Salesman details.
  • Salesmen commission details.
  • Shipping/Courier companies.


  • Supplier profiles with complete details (NTN, GST, terms, contact details etc).
  • Supplier credit bills.
  • Supplier cash bills.
  • Supplier price lists.
  • Supplier price conversion factor in purchasing prices.
  • Purchasable prices with up to 6 decimals in our erp software.
  • Various payment terms.
  • Supplier Return Notes/ Supplier Debit Notes.

Inventory and Services Module:

Create inventory and Service items
Inventory categories for managing inventory in erp software.
Multiple inventory store locations.
Multiple Inventory Price list.
Price list in foreign currency(optional).
Inventory Adjustments Notes for increasing/decreasing inventory levels.
Internal Location transfers.
Set Re-order levels for purchase planning.
Average costing.
Automatic calculation of prices from home.
Item kit generation option for managing multiple items linked with the base unit.
Barcode registration for automatic scanner entry.

Cost Center and Dimensions

  • Can add multiple cost center in the premium edition which can used on all transaction forms across the system.

These cost centers can be used for the following purposes:

  • Project wise costing/reporting.
  • Branch wise costing/reporting.
  • Department wise costing/reporting.
  • Machine/operational unit wise costing/reporting.

ERP Software administration:

  • Enter companies details like name and address.
  • Set multiple users and assign access rights for using erp software.
  • Create multiple fiscal years in erp software.
  • Create bank accounts and link with the COA.
  • Payment Voucher.
  • Receipt Voucher.
  • Journal Voucher.
  • Multiple Currencies.
  • Currency rates by date (historical).
  • View Bank dashboards and reports in erp software.
  • Bank accounts reconciliation option in accounting software.
  • Monthly/Weekly Bank reconciliation statements.
  • Unlimited number of accounts.
  • Account classes (Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income, Expenses).
  • Chart of Account grouping for reporting purpose in erp software.
  • Create Monthly Budgeting in erp software.
  • Detailed dashboards and reports.
  • Journal Voucher with edition/view of journal entries.
  • Create customised Voucher Templates in erp software.
  • Balance Sheet.
  • Profit & Loss.
  • Trial Balance.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Document management and uploading
  • Complete user right management in Hisaab ERP software.
  • Accounting software backups.

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