Basic Edition

Hisaab Basic Edition is a budget edition of Hisaab accounting software and ERP, which is primarily designed keeping in mind the requirements of small business owners. This version can be used by the owners themselves as no bookkeeping knowledge is required to perform daily business accounting procedures, every entry form is automatically linked with back end bookkeeping ledgers. The front end interface is clean and user friendly with graphical dashboard and reporting analysis.

The main dashboard of our erp software provides key business information in the form of color full graphic charts which can easily be interpreted as compared to mind boggling financial figures. Main dashboard shows the most selling inventory items, top ten customers/clients, top suppliers, pending receivables, pending bills payable, outstanding sales orders, outstanding purchase orders, bank balances summary and overall profit and loss analysis.

Moreover, we also provide an added facility of complete customization, a plus point normally not offered with standard off the shelf erp software like peachtree accounting software, quickbooks and tally ERP software.

Below listed are the details of features available in Hisaab Basic Inventory Version.

Sales and customer management module:

– Complete Customer information with details like address, rates committed, NTN number, GST number, payment terms, contact, phone books, sales zone,  shipping information etc.
– Customer sub branches management.
– Direct/Cash Invoice.
– Credit Invoice
– GST/Non GST Invoice.
– Sales Return/ Sales credit note.
– Witholding taxes.
– Sales tax / Provincial taxes (SRB, PRA).
– Witholding of GST.
– Sales Zones/Regions.
– Customer groups.
– Predefined rate lists.
– Salesman.
– Salesmen commission details.
– Shipping/Courier companies.

Procurement and vendor management module:
– Complete vendor information with details like address, NTN number, GST number, payment terms, contact, phone books etc
– Supplier direct/cash bills.
– Supplier rate listings.
– Various payment terms.
– Supplier Return Notes(Debit Notes).

Inventory and Services Module:
– Create inventory and Service related items.
– Inventory and service broad categories.
– Multiple Inventory/Service Price lists.
– Price list can be managed in foreign currency(optional).
– Inventory Adjustments Notes for reducing and increasing inventory levels.
– Internal inventory/stock Location transfers noted.
-Re-order levels can be set for procurement planning.

General Ledger Accounting Software Module:
– Payment Voucher Form.
– Receipt Voucher Form.
– Journal Voucher Form.
– Bank dashboards and reports.
– Bank accounts reconciliation option.
– Monthly/Weekly Bank reconciliation statements.
– Unlimited number of chart of accounts.
– Chart of Account grouping.
– Manual journal entry with cost centers entry.
– Detailed dashboards analysis and PDF reports.
– Journal Voucher with edition/view of journal entries.

Hisaab Basic Inventory Accounting Software and ERP Demo can be viewed at:
User: test
Password: 1234
Company Code: BASIC