Accounting & ERP Software In Pakistan

Hisaab Payroll

Hisaab Payroll is designed to automate the payroll function of small and medium business, it records all the financial records of salaries for an employee payments, wages, advances and deductions. Complete employee information can be stored and automated in few clicks.

Following are the brief features of Hisaab payroll accounting software:

Key Features

– CSV File import from the attendance device.
– Daily attendance punch.
– Weekly/fortnight attendance punch.
– Monthly attendance punch.
– Overtime.
– Advances management and approval.
– Duty Hours.
– Leave management and approval.
– Monthly payroll calculation.
– Automatic tax calculation as per slabs.
– Payroll sheets.
– Pay slip
– Witholding tax and salary tax calculator.
– Employee information dashboard.
– Attendance dashboard.
– Leave status dashboard.
– Add Employees.
– Grades
– Designation.
– Departments.
– Platform independent
– Mac friendly