What are the Components of Our ERP software?

HISAAB ERP software provides a platform for enterprises to connect multiple business processes and streamlines the work to not only allow easier exchange of data but also to be more cost-effective and time-efficient. The collection of ERP Accounting software and applications should be based on customer requirements and differ from company to company. Let’s see what the ERP elements are.

Purchasing and Acquisitions in HISAAB ERP:

The ERP module is for enterprises that need streamlining all their sourcing and purchasing activities, from distributor management to automatically routing purchase order approvals.

Modules of HR in HISAAB ERP

This is a standardized, digitized ERP HR structure that handles the process from talent acquisition to reviews of jobs and work hours reporting.

Financials in HISAAB ERP

ERP Financial module is a centralized system for tracking and recording revenue and operating data and payroll processes and has the potential to disclose analytics.

Customer Relationship Management

ERP CRM provides a business with a centralized repository of all clients that can be viewed and used around the organization by all Customer-Oriented Teams.