4 downsides about focus 9 that are not rumors in Egypt

The purpose of the accounting or ERP software in cairo-egypt is to manage the operation and data set. An effective and unique system offers the comprehensive management of payable, receivable and day to day operational management. Focus 9 is a comprehensive برامج المحاسبة in egypt that claims to serve an organization well. but some disadvantages of focus 9 make its downsides in the professional field.

Here are some disadvantages of focus 9 that make it not a choice for everyone:

  • A large organization, medium or small enterprises, all need the accounting software to streamline data. As well as to get the highly optimized reports quickly. Focus 9 did not provide one solution to every organizational structure.
  • It is a complex system and in industry not common to use at medium, small or even large enterprises as well.
  • Its features did not provide a complete solution to every data input and its sharing. It requires to set and need to work in improvement on multiple aspects.
  • Its installation and working after few months report multiple issues in the features operations. As well as the number of bugs available makes it not suitable for the organization. One of the big disadvantages of focus 9 is its complex structure that requires skills to operate and manage the reports.
  • It is only managed and operated well by a chartered accountant. Every organization structure does not afford to hire professionals to manage the operations.
  • It is needed to reviewed again, whether it is about its design, system, and features. There are multiple things in this software that needed to be reconsidered to make it effective for the user.
  • As well as it is requiring to set the software again as per the user’s requirement. Like the execution of formulas, financial statement modules, and many other things.
  • Another disadvantage of focus 9 is that the software did not have financial consolidation module. And financial consolidation module is a necessary thing that almost every organization need to compile data and to get the financial reports.
  • Another thing the software usually shows the problem after installation, that it needs to reviewed and checked before installation or after the installation as well.

Final consideration!

Software like ERP systems and accounting modules in cairo make reports maintenance easy and quick. But before selecting the one it is important to review the features and specification, that has to be fully designed and satisfy the need of an organization.