5 reasons you should not be using bookkeeping apps for startups

Listening about the bookkeeping apps is common these days. Some people call these apps the accounting software as well. However, the real question is these apps accounting software or not?

If you wonder, what makes a different in a bookkeeping app or accounting software then here is a one-liner. Accounting software is a full set of tools and techniques you can be using an accounting management system. Whereas, the bookkeeping app is a smartphone app giving you access to record your transactions, balances, and accounts.

However, what is the catch?

The real catch in between these two is the backup and features. The smartphone apps do not have a solid and well-established backup system just like accounting software. Eventually, there are chances you will end up losing all your data or risking it for no reason.

If you want to be remote with the accounting and accounts management, then make sure to get apps supported by accounting software. It helps you to synchronize all your accounts at one place and avoid any data breach as well.

Five reasons to avoid random bookkeeping apps

Not designed as per systems – corporate accounting is a proper system and you need to have an ultimate setup to operate. The small apps are unable to manage these systems and meet the required criteria.

Poor backup – the small apps comes with limited backup options. You are not able to store heavy and large data files on the app server. Moreover, the backup servers are not reliable. One glitch and you will lose all your data.

Lack of data security – you should avoid the emerging and under tests bookkeeping apps. These apps have a compromised data center. Most of the apps are using shared data centers that increase the chances of data breaches.

No advance features – most of the apps are very basic and ideal for simple businesses. They do not support the advance features and gives you better coverage of the events.

Compatibility issues – you may have to face compatibility issues with the files created on these apps. Their interface is different from the conventional interface that caught you up with many difficulties in converting files.

Final verdict

For the startups, it is essential to invest wisely in the accounting software or book keeping apps. No matter if, you are a small-scale business or expanding to new horizons. You need to come up with something that can help you in growth not put your business on risk. So, access the free version of a reputed accounting software or sign up for the minimal subscription. Just make sure you are doing it right and in the best interest of your business.