(Integrated Modules & Automated features)

Supermarkets regularly deal with the chain of products and supplies, it is much more important to have flawless ERP billing software for stores to make better operations and customer satisfaction. Nowadays, everybody wants to standardize their businesses and processes in a much innovative way. There must be always a requirement for a streamlined grocery ERP Accounting Software POS software to deals with the regular proceedings in a grocery store.

Rather than accounting and billings for a free flow customer experience, an ERP software for Retail business is much better options to take the business of POS to another level. If your Business is using old legacy systems for maintaining inventories and uses card terminals and ECR For POS purpose in that case you need to update your system into integrated software From managing inventories to dealing with non-moving products, with the help of ERP Accounting Software you are free to manage all of your complex situations and streamline your processes without going into deep and stressful thinking of handling complex databases. Now, it is the best time to minimize the cash registers, Use ERP Accounting Software for grocery point of sale software for delivering an excellent retail experience.

Benefits of Grocery POS System

  • Real time insights
  • Accurate Billing System
  • Inventory Management
  • Ensures customer satisfaction
  • Simplify Accounting
  • Product & Proper Stock Management

Every store owner wants to make their customer happy satisfied and loyal. An Accounting software for grocery POS provides a feature of better customer retention and customer experience. System automation helps in making the billing system flexible user-friendly and quick. This creates faster sales and reduced queues, CENTRALIZED POS records customers buying history. This leads the management to have a better idea about a customer’s buying preferences. All these help to serve the customers better, also make businesses productive and profitable.

Elements of POS in 1 #ERP Accounting Software:

  • Item Management – (Excel Import option available for quick setup)
  • Bar code creation and management.
  • Kits for items.
  • Payment Modes (Cash, Cheques, Debit/Credit Card).
  • Add Comments to the sales.
  • Automated receipt generation.
  • Supplier Module for procurement.
  • Inventory Inwards.
  • User rights management.
  • Detailed Reports (Both Graphical and simple Summary).