Disdvantages of Quickbooks

Not built with cloud in mind

Most of the old version of quickbooks are desktop based while hisaab accounting software provides complete cloud based 24/7 online access, which can be easily and securely accessed from anywhere in the world.

Multiple Platform Support

Unlike Quickbooks Hisaab accounting software provides a platform independent solution which can be operated on Linux/Unix, Windows, Max and all handheld devices.

Audit Trail

One of the major drawback of Quickbooks about which most of the accountant’s and business owners complain is the lack of proper audit trail report. Accountants, as well as business owners like a company’s flow of accounting transaction to be in detail and well-documented. Whereas Quickbooks does provide an audit trail for most information, there are some situations where financial information can be changed without leaving any sort of documentation. Essentially, this means that the software leaves a loophole that could potentially allow a company’s financial records to be “fixed.”

Fixed Assets

There is no Fixed Asset register option  available in Quickbooks. Intuit however has realized this and now providing a separate report of listing of company’s fixed assets.

Invoice Formats

In Quickbooks we can not customize the Invoice as per Sales Tax laws in Pakistan, where as Hisaab Accounting software provides multiple formats for Invoice printing like official, unofficial etc.

Other Limitations

– Basic version of Quickbooks limits user to 5 numbers only, whereas in Hisaab erp software there is no limit for users. Moreover QuickBooks is not scalable and does not have the capability or security to manage large number of user accounts.

– For using Quickbooks one has to adopt to  what the software needs instead of moulding it to business flow.

– There is no customization option available in Quickbooks, wheras Hisaab accounting software provides customisation option as per business cycle needs.

– Quickbooks is primarily designed for US and Europe business environment and many of the features does not confirm to our local laws and accounting system in Pakistan.