Enlist some common types of accounting systems

The use of accounting systems is getting common at an industrial level, retail or at stores as well. These days web based erp and accounting software are getting popular. They are designed and customized to facilitate a company and business with its operations and management especially related to the accounts management. Well designed professional accounting software provides an ease to perform tasks regarding financial recording and reduce the risk of error and mistakes. There are multiple types of accounting systems are in use and it’s depending on the nature of a company’s operations that has to be recorded. Different industries look for tailor made software as per industry need, like real estate erp, textile, automobile, retail etc. In respect to accounting and finance management and recording, software accounting programs are categorized into four categories.

Here are some common categories that are in use for accounts management with respect to operations:

Billing systems

Billing and generation of invoices are considered as a daily task for a business. It refers to maintain the records of sales and providing customers written information about their purchases and billing. Billing system not only helps to keep the sales record but as well through this it is quite easy to maintain and generate financial documentation at the time of accounts closing.

Payroll management system

The payroll management system is designed to handle the recordings and generation of employee’s salaries, mange their deductions, taxation, bonus, and incentives. This system will help to maintain the records as well as perform multiple tasks like deposit salaries into employees accounts, generate payroll slips and manage tax forms, etc. it will help to record payables and through this, a company will be able to get proper records and reports.

Time and expense management system

This management system is designed to help business about recording and maintaining payables, expenses as well as help to schedule the receivables and payables in an appropriate manner. This will reduce the risk of error and make the collection process transparent and fast. Through this system, a company can be able to get reports that have records about the company’s resource and time management.

Enterprise resource planning

Enterprise resource planning provides exclusive options to manage production planning, inventory management, purchasing, sales, marketing, human resource, finance and accounts, and other company’s operation just through a single efficient accounting solution. It also offers some business intelligence modules with the resource planning that helps an organization to not only manage as well as get a better understanding of the policies and accounting practices implementation at an organizational level.

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