ERP Software in Karachi – Implementation at Modern Motors Limited

At any organization, it is difficult to keep in time records of activities and jobs done. It directly affects the productivity of the company and causes some serious issues as well. Modern motors limited are one of our clients who were facing issues with their record keeping, employee management and software for accountancy. It was critical for them to assess the issues and evaluate productivity since there was no proper book keeping management system available.

How do ERP Software helps?

ERP software refers to a system that is designed to help a business with its operations record keeping and evaluation. It makes daily jobs easy, quick, and accessible. All the employees are supposed to enter the information in software by themselves, and monitoring authority can run the business analysis or evaluation through the main server. It helps them to reduce workforce and increase productivity. The best thing about the ERP software is its accessibility for an authorized person. The records will be streamed and remain intact at the cloud, so there is no threat of losing up the record or any entry. In addition to that, the ERP software will monitor the individual performance of every employee on its own.

Providing solutions

ERP accounting software is a userfriendly interface, but for the first use, it is necessary for them to have the basic introduction. So, we went to Modern Motors to provide them a complete ERP solution.

About Modern Motors Pvt. Ltd:

Modern Motors private limited was founded in June 1956 and has a great 62 years history in Pakistan. The founder of the company had a vision to provide Pakistan automobile customer with the most reliable and modern automobiles sales, services. By 1964, Modern Motors became Pakistan leading Volkswagen distributor. Today, the modern motors is living the vision of its founder. Throughout the years, modern motors focused on improvements and expanded itself into other business field including auto parts import, wholesale, carpet exports, earthmoving, material handling, marine engines and compressors to use it good name and company’s goodwill to its full potential. To help modern motors improve its services even further, helped by introducing ERP (enterprise resource planning) accounting software in the company. Before the introduction of ERP in modern motors system they faced many problems being one of the largest operating companies in Pakistan. Working manually and maintaining books have become hectic and time consuming for the employers which affected the productivity and efficiency of the company to great extent. Further, it was not possible for such large company to maintain ledgers manually and carry out all the working on excel spreadsheet. Tracking real-time increase was also impossible for modern motors without EPR system.


In the first meeting, we provided them an orientation of the free accounting software and ERP software. It was the basic introduction that was provided to the employees and management at the same time. It helped them to get a basic understanding of the software.


The second session was for the training of the employees and management in their facility. Full session training was arranged that helped the employees to be familiar with the software and its uses while the managers could understand the advance level operations.

Hands on experience

After the briefing of features and tools in ERP software, there was a hand on the session for the trainees to experience the use of the software. It helped them to ask more questions and get immediate help from the trainers.

Keeping the backup

Along with providing the software domain, we do provide a complete backup to the clients. The ERP is connected to secured servers that never let information slip away. It ensures information security, and we provide assistance to clients in any matter.