ERP Software in Karachi – Implementations by #TeamHisaab started its ERP Software business in Karachi, since Karachi is the main industrial hub of Pakistan, it has variety of businesses and industries ranging from textile, pharmaceutical, chemicals, paper, services, clearing forwarding etc. To cater the needs of these sectors developed different industry specific softwares which are specifically tailor made according to needs of these industries, currently is offering erp software, bookkeeping software, online accounting system and small business accounting software, with best best after sale support for the following industries:

3s Automobile Dealership Management Software

ERP Software for Clearing and forwarding Services

Paper Industry

Bookshop Software

ERP Software for Glass smiths

Airline GSA ERP Software

Real Estate Builder and Construction ERP Software

ERP Software for Catering Business

Service Industries

ERP Software for Manufacturing Concerns

Hotel Business

Trading and Import Businesses

Following are the list of satisfied clients who are using ERP Software in Karachi:
Avanza Premier Payment Services (Pvt.) Ltd.
Anjum Asim Shahid Rehman
Honda Sharah-e-Faisal, Karachi
Honda Defence, Karachi
Ghanda Industries Limited OEM and dealers
Mohsin Autos 2S, Karachi
Modern Motors Pvt. Ltd.
Master Motors Limited / Changan OEM and dealers
Suzuki Nadeem International
KIA Lucky Motors
United Catering
Vetz Pharmaceutical Hyderabad
Marcopolo / Haji TentMarcopolo / Haji Tent
Hiba Food
Global Marque
Hanif Rajput
The Palace
Continental Plastic Industries
Sakaria Plastic Industries
Finestar Industries (Pvt.) Ltd
NKR Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.
Lakhani Builders