How to reduce expenses? It’s simple as Accounting Software

Significance of SMEs is underlying with the fact that SME sector in Pakistan contributes 40% in annual GDP. For growth of SMEs, financial resources have been reported as major constraint. As a perfect solution for SMEs to overcome financial constraints DYS Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd, a company of management consultants, introduced – A cloud accounting software and ERP; a premium accounting software in Pakistan.

Since its inception, has exceeded figure of 200 in terms of its clients inside and outside Pakistan. Robust features of, due to which, SMEs have inclined to hire as professional accountant, include offers two categories of Business Accounting software; Premium edition and Enterprise edition. One can subscribe to category as it fits. Moreover, introduced Free Income tax calculator recently. With variety of its clients, managed to customize its software for meeting divergent requirements of its clients. Silent Features of accounting software are here:

1.    Easy Custom Clearance: has updated services for clients who are in-trade with outside Pakistan also. Now, one can be remained informed with custom duty clearance with custom clearing agent of through searching directly on dashboard.

2.    Cloud bases Sales Manager: introduced Android Sales App for sales manager. Sales person can download all data regarding product and customer and support multiple price list and variable tax rates more accuracy when compared to conventional method. Now all your sales persons need, is a mobile, which they already possess.

3.    Hisaab Freight Forwarding and Shipping: helps you to reduce financial constraints by offering freight forwarding and shipping edition. No need of server and maintenance costs. This edition makes you to deal with complex sale calculations in seconds with additional benefits of data security and gadget mobility.

4.    Hisaab Point of Sales: point of sales offers to track your inventory with barcodes, suppliers and cash management.

5.    Payroll:

Hisaab payroll services include recording attendance of your employees and also calculate wages after deducting leaves and add some bonuses as per SMEs plans.

6.    School Accounting Software:

School Accounting software is designed for serving all features necessary to run school. Key features include all affairs needed to deal with student like admission form, monthly fees voucher, classes and keep record of staff as well like teacher’s payroll and attendance. Moreover, it prepares profit and loss statement and balance sheet automatically.

7.    Service Edition:

Hisaab service edition is designed to meet needs of service industry as well. All features, service categories and multiple service price lists in foreign and local currency, needed to run service industry are included in Hisaab Service Edition.

8.    Mobile App:

Mobile App feature makes it easier to be keeping in pocket, no need of extra widget and get access to all its features from everywhere you need.

In short, is perfect solution for SMEs seeking to incur low expenses and increase savings for future investments.





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