How to Select an Accounting Software


After spending hours on end assembling feature requirements, contacting different sellers, short-listing proposals, let’s assume that you found the perfect accounting software. The interface is mind-blowing, reporting is awesome, seems like it is going to make your financial management and accounting tasks so much easier but suddenly you are required to start from scratch—all because your perfect program isn’t compatible on your operating system!!!

In order to avoid this trouble, these four elements need to be considered for conducting an efficient and effective accounting software review:


Who is going to host your software is an important question to answer when evaluating an accounting software, does it need to be installed on your local system? Or is it a web-based/cloud-based accounting software? Desktop based software need to be manually updated, but are comparatively faster than web based software while on the other hand web based software is very portable/mobile and will work with just about any computer with a good web browser.


All modern operating systems support popular browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.) web-based options prove to be very handy when you’re confronted with OS limitations. Desktop based software are usually platform limited for instance most of the mircosoft application like C#, . NET will only run on windows based machines, while the web based software will run on any platform like Apple, Linux, Windows etc


If your accounting software doesn’t come integrated with other features/modules such as CRM, Human Resources, Payroll etc. then, you’re missing on chances to make better decisions and operate more efficiently.


Accounting software by its very nature will manage sensitive financial data, therefore, one of the most important considerations is ensuring strong application security.

The benefits of migrating to the cloud-based accounting software-like “” are as follows:

  • Enables fast and accurate storage of data (with SSL encryption and static IP restriction).
  • Local backup files (in raw sql format) can be created and stored in the local system.
  • The software is a web-based product and is compatible on all operating systems.
  • Comes equipped with customer relationship management, human resources and payroll modules making it a complete ERP solution

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