List of Latest Features in Accounting Software accounting software is now equipped with the latest state-of-the-art industry features, here is a brief list of these latest features launched in 2018.

– Static IP restriction.(User can not access outside office but admin can bypass this restriction and access from anywhere)

– Multiple locations/store selection in a single Invoice.
– Multiple locations/store selection in a single inventory transfer.
– GL Voucher Approval System. (Voucher can not post into any GL report until the admin approves it)
– Sales order approval system.
– Purchase order approval system.
– Item rate history on invoice entry.
– Alternate UoM functionality.
– Lot/Batch functionality(for pharmaceutical products).
– Extensive Payroll/HR modules.
– GL bulk transaction transfer.
– Configurable Cashflow statement.
– Custom Item cart fields in Sales, purchase and inventory documents.
– Custom Header/footer fields in Sales, purchase documents
– Multiple PDF SO,PO,DN, Invoice formats available, and you can demand customized aswell.
– Landed cost calculation for Import Purchases.
– Multiple Withholding taxes deduction on Customer payments and Supplier payments
– PDF version of GL vouchers available (for better formatting)
– GL voucher are divided into Bank Payment, Cash Payment, Bank Receipt, Cash Receipt.
– Customer, Supplier master data import.
– Bulk Invoice Import.
– BOM Editable functional available on the workorder form (instead of going back to BOM form again and again)
– Third level of Dimension available.
– Better UI and searching features on the inquiry forms.
– Daily Task management.
– Lead management form.
– Item serial tracking.
– POS Screen.(For restraunts and Fast bar-code scanning)
– Separate GL account for each shipping company.
– Auto Inventory Code generation.
– Auto GL/Chart of account code generation.
– Back date entry lock.(User can not enter data in back date e.g 2/3 days old)
– Future date entry lock.
– Stock location restriction for certain users (User can see his own location in all reports/forms)

Most of the above options can be toggled on/off from the ‘System and GL Setup’. If anyone does not want to apply a particular restriction or feature he can simply disable it from the setup.

To explore these features Demo can be checked at the following link:
User: test
Password: 1234
Company Code: DEMO

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