Magics ERP software have been doing for Real estate industry

Many organizations use the ERP software (enterprise resource planning) in their business matters.  The software helps to run the organization matters like business management, risk management, project management, accounting, and supply chain operation. Software can help you save lot of time, manual efforts and capital. The system provides low cost and effective solutions to resolve your business barriers. In real estate, it is helping the industry to manage multiple things at a time.

Here is some magic that an ERP implementation is doing for the real estate industry:

  • Project planning
  • Regulatory approval
  • Site selection
  • Budget planning
  • Construction

It understands your business needs and difficulties and gives a solution which is based on retail, residential, cooperation office etc. The software is a right way to process the space management, management of property sales, Building maintenance, Improve cash flow, Improve management of the land bank, and Accurate overview of business finances etc.

Client portals

You can save all the information of the clients or customers like their purchases, credit history, and personal information in it. It can inform the clients about the varied location.

Financial system

The software gathers the financial data and then generates reports.  It allows you to communicate the financial information more clearly to external partners such as vendor and your customers when need.

Inventory management

The system has specific modules that can help you to manage and monitor stock at your warehouse. By this you have update information on your inventory.  Inventory management system can provide the space and freedom you need to grow.

Marketing management

In the management of marketing matter, it remind you to take follow ups of your targeted audience to generate lead or win more customers. To manage the marketing campaigns this simple program helps you.

Property management 

By using the software you have accurate information and status of all kind of properties stored in the database. It can help you to maintain records of all your properties.

The software help you to place an order, make deal, organize your schedule, and update you about payments. Software maintains systematic records of your all entry and exit points. You can easily trace your projects such as residential, commercial and villa etc. If you want to know about the latest trends in your industry and stay ahead of your competitions then this software is the best solution. It helps you to maintain good relationships with your customers. To extend your business rapidly, then utilize the ERP software