Trending: Let’s Invest In Cloud-Based Accounting Software

The new trend in the IT industry has led to a growing number of businesses investing in cloud-based accounting software. Now the question arises…which is the best cloud-based accounting software? The answer to this question is simply “HISAAB.PK”

Here is why this is the case:

  • Comes equipped with a comprehensive Sales/Purchases module that deals with all possible complications of the sales/purchases cycle of an SME (Small-Medium Enterprise)
  • Comes equipped with a CRM module that enables an effective handling of Customer Relationship Management.
  • A Dashboard (graphical display) module that displays the numerical figures as easy-to-understand pie charts etc. It also enables the managerial staff to have a glimpse of the business without drilling down into the reporting section of a business.
  • An Inventory module that enables effective management of items of inventory and is interlinked with the rest of the modules (Sales, Purchases, Manufacturing etc.) thereby, saving precious time of the end-users.
  • A Manufacturing module that deals with manufacturing of finished goods / costing/ allocation etc.
  • A Fixed assets module that allows the users to create a fixed asset register and manage the fixed assets of a business.
  • A General ledger module, that incorporates all possible vouchers used in a business, for e.g. BRV, BPV, CRV, CPV etc. (comes equipped with voucher approval system.) It also enables the users to setup their own chart of accounts.
  • The Reporting module, allows the users to view different types of reports
  • The Setup module allows the user to setup user-defined settings of a company.
  • Above all this accounting software is a web-based solution and no installation is required. Simply log into the website and you’re good to go!

Many SMEs have already discovered the benefits of using “” The cloud-based accounting software gets frequently updated and the end-users do not have to worry about the lengthy software updates. Furthermore, the “” is a cost-effective solution and stands out from the crowd for its quality and continuous commitment to keeping the clients happy and satisfied.

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