Is free accounting software real?

“Access your free accounting software trial”, is one of the popular caption you can see all over internet. The word “free” gets our attention most of times online a sometimes comes as a benefit for business. Even the Top 10 software companies in Pakistan offer a free trial version of their accounting software for a specific time. It is to engage customers and clients and boost their interest in getting the paid version eventually.

Mostly, people are concerned whether free software exists or not. They confuse trial versions with completely free accounting software. It is important to understand the difference between two when getting started with accounting software.

Trial version is not permanent

Trial version of any accounting software is for a specific time. It is not permanently available free of cost to the clients. The companies offer this trial version free so the clients will experience the features and utility of the software implementation in their business. Once they are satisfied, companies can successfully install the paid version of the software to use it permanently.

Is free software a myth?

When the Top 10 software companies in Pakistan then what about the free software? Technically, free accounting software is not a myth but do exist in reality. It is commonly offered by the small companies with some basic features to help small business and startups. These software are other than trial versions and do not have any expiry as well. A business can use the software for some time to support the accounts and records. However, it does not contain any advance features that helps growing business at large.

Is it favorable using free accounting software?

If you are using the trial version that is free of cost then it will let you experience some of the advanced features. Eventually it will convince you to invest in the right kind of software for your business. On the other hand, if you prefer not to invest in the premium accounting software and prefer a free one, then things can be different. You will not be able to unlock most of the exciting and helpful features. It will not cost you any loss but comes with limited benefits for your business. This basic setup software can help you to structure the accounts and records. Sometimes you do not have any option for up gradation. While some of the free software do come with an option to upgrade version or unlock some paid features in future.