Restaurant Management Software in Karachi – Implementation by

Coffee Wagera is a new talk of the town, its getting attention among young students, freelances and coffee lovers in Karachi. Its offering a clean environment for people to come in and spend the day on comfortable workstations with USB/ Power sockets in a very economical price tag. They claim that their workstations are equipped with top of the line comfy chairs, where you can sit for long hours. Free Wifi Internet is available which is quite reliable, if the internet does not works they don’t charge their customers for coffee (Strange? isnt it?) .

The Founder Mr. Mush Panjwani is a Hong Kong based Coffee enthusiast who had a vision of setting up a chain of true-coffee-shop outlets. He believes that most of the conventional coffee shops in Karachi are essentially food restaurants where their focus is to sell food – NOT Coffee. Mr. Mush Panjwani is focusing on an aromatic coffee ambiance, along with availability of healthy snacks. Coffee Wagera starts early at 8:00 am (very few shops/restaurants open at this time in Karachi) this ideally suits the timing for those going to offices in the morning. is proud to be associated with Coffee Wagera by implementing the Restaurant Management Accounting Software and POS at their first branch.

Team Hisaab has successfully implemented the following modules at Coffee Wagera:

Following Hardware has been used to operate the system:


The strong reporting and modular structure of restaurant management provides the following feature and in-depth analysis:

  • Daily sales position,
  • Order management by tables,
  • Order and home delivery,
  • Task management,
  • stock and warehouse management,
  • Cash flow management,
  • Credit card reporting,
  • Weekly and monthly sales trends, highlights of the fast and slow selling products
  • Stock valuation and planning,
  • Re order level notification and controlling,
  • Supplier balances and payment reports,
  • Good receive notes
  • Sales forecasts

Following are glimpses of people working at Cofee Wagera (Picture Credit: Mush Panjwani)



















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